New Dallas Cowboys’ 7 Round Mock Draft: All 11 Picks

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7th Round (5)

QB Conner Shaw

6’0” 206lbs

Shaw is somewhat of a darkhorse in this draft. Yes, he just posted the top 40 time of the combine but that’s not why he’s the pick here. He’s fast but he’s not a runner. He uses his speed to buy time to make a play. Sound familiar? In much the same way Romo sneaks around in the pocket (often for survival), Shaw could do the same. He’s not nearly as accurate or powerful as Romo but in case Romo missed time, Shaw is the kind of kid who could slip right in and the Offense wouldn’t need to drastically change (from a protection standpoint).

Shaw is a likeable high character leader. He is accurate and illusive. Standing at only roughly 6 feet he is not highly sought after. I have a 6th round grade on him and was hoping to see him make it to round 7. Glad he did.