New Dallas Cowboys’ 7 Round Mock Draft: All 11 Picks

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Ideally it would have been nice to add a Guard in a middle round, but with the addition of 2 OTs (1 of which could compete at OG in 2014) it’s hard to complain. Also, the Cowboys would like to add a late-round WR to the team but in this case, better options were available. The Cowboys will no-doubt have to look at some undrafted WR free agents to bring to training camp since 1 or 2 WR roster spots may be available.

A project QB was drafted that provides an immediate upgrade to “Old Man Weeden” and a solid 1 Tech DT was picked up in the 5th. Smart players with NFL bloodlines were added as were a couple high-potential risks. The draft diversified risk with safe picks and looked at needs along the way.

It’s not perfect by any means but it was highly effective and realistic. That’s pretty ideal.