New Dallas Cowboys’ 7 Round Mock Draft: All 11 Picks

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7th Round (1)

DE Ethan Westbrooks

6’4” 267lbs

Westbrooks is a bit of a gamble with impressive potential. What do you expect in the 7th round? He is well built and extremely versatile. Many scouts feel he could be developed into either DE or a 3 tech tackle. His quickness stands out on film and should translate to the NFL. He needs major development as playing at West Texas A&M didn’t groom him to the level you’d like.

Questions about his character and judgment exist but most is based on his tattooed appearance. In the limited film available, it was clear he is a pure pass-rusher with untapped potential. He could easily add more weight without impacting his speed and quickness. A year in the weight room and some heavy grooming by Rod Marinelli could do this kid wonders.