New Dallas Cowboys’ 7 Round Mock Draft: All 11 Picks

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7th Round (4)

RB Isaiah Crowell

5’11” 224

Despite the 2nd round skill set, Crowell is a gamble even in round 7. First the bad news: he has an injury history that has affected his playing time in the past. Nothing major but it seems like there was always something. In addition, he has a failed drug test and felony charges (later dropped) for possession of a firearm. Not exactly the “right kinda guy”.

For a seventh round flyer he may still be worth a shot. He has great strength, speed, and agility. He can avoid a defender with dazzling cuts, he can outrun a defensive back, or he can steamroll a LB. He seems to have it all (from the neck down that is).

Crowell averaged 6.6 yards last season and may have done enough to make some teams overlook his character concerns. He has the ability to be starter in the NFL and could push for playing time on the Dallas Cowboys.