Who Are These Guys? The Dallas Cowboys UDFAs

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Jeff Blake


Ronald Patrick, OL, South Carolina

Ronald Patrick is a guard who stands at 6’2”, 310 pounds. He had a high ankle sprain this season and it caused him to miss his first game since playing at South Carolina. The Gamecocks are underrated on their offensive line and Patrick is one of the reasons they ran the ball so well. He is an excellent run blocker, uses his hands really well, and is very fluid moving along the line. He needs work on his feet as he can get a little slow and clumsy with them. He will fall off blocks too fast and will need to learn to stay engaged longer.

How does he fit? The Cowboys are known for finding depth for the offensive line in the UDFA crops. Patrick could be better than advertised with a little coaching and could be exactly that. He will have the chance to be a backup guard for a little bit and the hope would be he develops into a solid starter. At worst he is depth.