Who Are These Guys? The Dallas Cowboys UDFAs

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Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Davon Coleman, DT, Arizona State

Standing at a mere 6’1″ 286 pounds many would think Coleman is way too small to be a defensive tackle. While his size may have scared some people he is a pretty good 1-tech defensive tackle. He was a defensive end up until this last season when he added weight to be moved inside. He could play either position and has a motor that will not stop. He is quick for his size and has a knack for locating the ball quickly and pursuing really well. His knocks of course are his size and when watching him he looks to be stiff at times which causes him to get pushed around a little. He has decent hand techniques, but will need to work on more.

How does he fit? Well Rob Marinelli wants to send waves of attackers along the defensive line. The motor and speed of Coleman make him a possible option as part of one of those waves. He has the ability, it all comes down to what position he plays.