Who Are These Guys? The Dallas Cowboys UDFAs

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Chris Whaley, DT, Texas

Another smaller defensive tackle standing at 6’3” 269 pounds. So what gives? Whaley played at almost 290 pounds this season and has seen his weight fluctuate. This means he can add more size to his frame and be a really large tackle. He has a motor and knows how to tackle really well. He is really quick off of the ball and shoots gaps actually better than many people that were int he draft. His issues are he isn’t very strong and has really poor hand techniques which cause him to get pushed around. He also had an injury which probably dropped his stock out of the draft all together.

How does he fit? Well again Whaley has the ability to be part of the waves. He will need to add size and strength to even have a chance to start. I think if he does this he has the ability to become a solid backup or even starter. We will need to keep an eye on his health as well.