Who Are These Guys? The Dallas Cowboys UDFAs

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Dustin Vaughan, Quarterback, West Texas A&M

Dustin Vaughan comes from West Texas A&M and was a part of the combine. He looks the part of a traditional NFL quarterback standing at 6’5”, 235 pounds. Last season Vaughan had over 4100 passing yards and 45 touchdowns. While he played in a spread offense which inflated his numbers a little this kid has a great arm on him. He leads his wide receivers well and knows the offense extremely well. While he did play for a smaller school, he has the potential to be quite good. His knocks are his hands are small and he will need to place the ball a little better. While he can throw with zip and has the strength he tends to place balls in tough spots for his receivers at times.

How does he fit? Well, again he doesn’t. He will have the chance to play for the 3rd quarterback spot and most likely will end up on the practice squad while they work on his abilities. I would watch for him in training camp to see what kind of arm and raw ability he has.