A Way Too Early Prediction For The Dallas Cowboys


Jun 17, 2014; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach

Jason Garrett

smiles as the team huddles during minicamp at Cowboys headquarters at Valley Ranch. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

So I wanted to look at the schedule this season and try to be somewhat objective on how the Cowboys can do. I realize this is a way too early look at the schedule, but hey, let’s try to have a little fun during the downtime. So without further delay, my first guess at the schedule.

Week 1 San Fransisco 49ers (Home): Man what a way to start the season. I think the Cowboys will win this game. I don’t know why, but I think they will come out with something to prove in the first game. They seem to actually play well against the 49ers and it will continue. I am thinking it will be a 240 day for Romo, but the surprise will be 3 rushing TDs.

Week 2 Tennessee Titans (Away): This looks like a win on paper. I think Romo will come out and throw for over 300 yards and a few TDs. Where I think there will be a surprise is how well the CBs look in this game. Most likely a win.

Week 3 St. Lous Rams (Away): With the revamped Rams D and O I think this will be a tough game. This will be the first loss of the year. In surprising fashion it will come down to  last minute field goal.

Week 4 New Orleans Saints (Home): I think this will be a shootout and the Cowboys will again come out on the short end. I think it will be a tight game, but a loss none the less.

Week 5 Houston Texans (Home): The Dallas Cowboys right the ship a little and win this game going away. Another huge running day will have fans drooling over what could be. Watch for a surprise TD by Copeland.

Week 6 Seattle Seahawks (Away): Everything in me says this will be a loss, I do think the Cowboys will take advantage of a short game and it will be closer than many think. But in the end the Seahawks D wins this game.

Week 7 New York Giants (Home): This is the game that I think the defense will bring their A game. There will be 2-3 turnovers by the Giants and the Cowboys will have a field day in the passing game. Murray will have one on a screen.

Week 8 Washington Redskins (Home): Again I think the defense will step up and win this game. It will surprise everyone when there is a returned kick and a punt for TDs.

Week 9 Arizona Cardinals (Home): The Cowboys are on a roll and win this game again with defense. Fantasy owners will be rushing out to pick up the Cowboys D hoping they continue their ways…but they won’t in the upcoming games.

Week 10 Jacksonville Jaguars (Away): Can the Cowboys lose will be the thoughts after this game. The defense is stifling and Romo has been having a field day and the run game is like we haven’t seen in a while.

Week 11 Bye: The Cowboys will be the talk on the NFL channel, but tough times are coming.

Week 12 New York Giants (Away): I think the Giants will be questioning their team at this point in the season. The disarray is perfect for a preying Dallas Cowboys team and they walk away with a win.

Week 13 Philadelphia Eagles (Home): The defense is running full steam again in this game and Romo gets pass happy. It will be close but the Cowboys pull it out at the end.

Week 14 Chicago Bears (Away): The Dallas Cowboys lose this game and it looks bad on the defense. I am not sure how they were so bad, but it happens.

Week 15 Philadelphia Eagles (Away): The Eagles avenge their loss a few weeks ago and their run game takes this game. Another loss and questions about the defense are starting to be asked.

Week 16 Indianapolis Colts (Away): Another shootout game. Andrew Luck shreds the safeties and the Cowboys are questioning why they haven’t upgraded the secondary more. They lose this game with one week left.

Week 17 Washington Redskins (Away): The Cowboys know they need to win this game to get into the playoffs. I think they do it and fans everywhere will be cheering at the prospect of facing the Saints in the first round.

So there it is a 9-7 season and the Boys do enough to make it to the playoffs. They might even win the NFCE with the last game. I dare not guess how they do in the playoffs. Sure, it is way to early to guess, and there is a lot of time for injuries, scheme changes, and roster moves, but that was fun for the first attempt.