Reality Check: Cowboys Are Better Off With Garrett


Let me start off by saying that I am not on board with all of the naysayers. I don’t think that the Cowboys are a bad team and I think that if you actually watch the games, you would understand that these boys can play with any team in this League. Having said that, the Cowboys have had a history of playing down to their competition as well. They can beat a Super Bowl contender one week and then the next, blow a lead to the Lions. Guess what? It’s the NFL and every team can win on any given Sunday.

So why are the Cowboys better with Garrett than without? They are better because they have been there at the end every year under his guidance. There is not a team in this League that can say that. These guys have managed to over-haul this roster all the while staying competitive. I have not seen a hint of them laying down at any point in any season under Garrett. The truth of the matter is that there is a certain amount of luck involved in making the playoffs, Dallas has not been afforded much luck as of late.

Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver

Dez Bryant

(88) talks with head coach

Jason Garrett

in the second half against the Green Bay Packers at AT&T Stadium. The Packers beat the Cowboys 37-36. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Now I’m not saying that Jason Garrett has been perfect. His transgressions have been well documented but in my eyes he has improved each year with his game-management. From a leadership standpoint he could not grade any better. I have never heard any rumblings from one single player about the Coach. The reason is simple, the team believes in what Garrett is preaching. They have bought in whole-heartedly. This is a remarkable feat if you look at the fact that Garrett hasn’t really done anything to earn that hard-core respect that a Bellicheck would receive. Some way, some how he has everybody on board.

Look to the fact that Dez Bryant is at camp. He is severely underpaid, yet here he is. Dez hinted to such reasons as Scott Linehan’s new offense, he doesn’t want to be behind. Good on him for understanding that he will be paid eventually. Good on Jason Garrett for creating an environment where the team cares. Say what you want but these guys actually want to win together, this is a direct reflection of ‘Ol Red’s leadership. I can’t think of one single locker-room distraction on his watch, not one.

I believe that the biggest problem for all of these so-called “fans” is that most don’t actually watch the games. They get their info out of the mouths of clowns like Deion Sanders. I actually know this to be true. Also a lot of these “fans” have a sense of entitlement, Championships should just be given to the Cowboys because its Dallas. The point here is that it is damn near impossible to find a Cowboys fan that has anything good to say about the team at all. From my stand point we are getting close to the regular season and I could not be anymore excited.

All of you guys out there saying the same things over and over and over about Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett I say this. Go cheer for somebody else, please! Jerry is not going anywhere, he has won Super Bowls. He knows what he is doing. Don’t give me that Jimmie Johnson rubbish either.  Jimmy did nothing in Miami.  If you look at recent years, this team has drafted well and done a better job of not over-paying in free-agency.

Also give Jerry credit for his patience with Garrett because I believe that it is going to pay-off. Sooner than you might think.