Liveblogging Thanksgiving: Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles


Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

4: 33 Dallas has played in every Thanksgiving since 1966. These two teams played each other on Thanksgiving in 1989. The Cowboys were shut out 27-0.

4:40 Cowboys lucky the Darren Sproles reception wasn’t a touchdown. The wideout missed a block. If he makes it, Sproles scores.

4:41 Doesn’t matter now. Philly marches up the field with little resistance. Could be a long day.

4:48 I admit I was less than enthusiastic when the Cowboys drafted Martin–not because I had anything against him, but because I thought defense was such a desperate priority. Thankful my disappointment was displaced.

4:55 No idea how that wasn’t pass interference.

5:00 Fourth play of 10+ yards in that drive alone. Seems the Bad Cowboys have shown up today. Hopefully they’ll leave in the second half like last week.

5:01 The Eagles have also had tremendous success in between the hashmarks on offense. Shows the Cowboys having trouble reading slants and crosses.

5:08 Dez Bryant wins that one, but the throw was more important than anything. Had a 1 foot window and hit it.

5:14 Thankful for that butt fumble reference.

5:17 LeSean McCoy is everything Reggie Bush was suppose to be.

5:17 Horrific tackling on that long completion to Maclin.

5:19 Barry Church makes up for his poor route to Maclin on that breakup.

5:25 The Cowboys’ inability to go on a long drive on offense could be a major factor in the second half. The defense will be wiped if this continues. Already look like they’re running on fumes.

5:31 Barry Church in the loss column again after running into the return man.

5:44 You have to wonder how the defense’s obvious tiredness is affecting the penalties. Both look like defenders grabbing because they are a step behind.

5:51 Defense still gassed but the Dallas defense manages to buckle down and force a field goal.

5:55 Kills me to say it, but that was an awesome forced fumble. Obviously a fumble and recovery.

6:03 Oh my god what happened to Tryo Aikman’s face? It’s the same color as the leather-skinned tan addict who made the news last year. Also, on a more football-focused note, another awesome stop. The effects of a tired defense (looking more like just a tired secondary) lessen in the redzone–there’s less room to run, so the giant holes are usually because of mental mistakes, not physical tiredness.

6:04 After what happend to Wade Phillips against Washington the year he was fired (Romo threw a pick-six on the last play of the half), I doubt Jason Garrett ever tries a first-half hail Mary.

6:27 The Cowboys’ reemphasis on running is probably a reaction to the state of their defense. Running the ball chews off the clock, which means more rest time. Also chews off the time the Eagles have on offense.

6:34 Dallas has tried to run outside more than they did in the first half. It was working until this last play with Fletcher Cox.

6:35 Philadelphia gets a redzone stop of their own. Both defenses operating with a “bend don’t break” mindset.

6:41 A common misconception about Mark Sanchez is that he is slow. He’s not–he was sacked a ton in NY because his pocket presence was horrid. He would take unnecessary sacks.

6:43 That touchdown may seal this game with 20 minutes to go. Cowboys need three touchdowns to lead, assuming the defense doesn’t allow another point. Neither is likely.

6:51 Romo already sacked twice this drive, had a pick overturned too. Cowboys two yards past midfield.

6:55 Romo’s lucky break four minutes ago now pointless–he’s picked off on a misread (my initial reaction)/poor throw (Aikman’s thought). He had plenty of time, too. The Cowboys have had extremely uneven results from the offensive line. Either no time at all or endless time in the pocket.

7:04 Barry Church’s dejected expression after Maclin’s first down is a metaphor for the whole team’s performance today.

7:06 Philadelphia will keep ball, no doubt. Any points here basically guarantee a victory.

7:17 Romo hasn’t had any zip on his throws this game. Have to wonder if it’s an injury or just a really off game.

7:19 Hindsight analysis is useless, but I have to say, that was a really predictable play call.

7:27 Impressed with Murray’s hustle on that run. Nothing to play for and still giving it his all. Also have no idea why they didn’t go for it. Basically giving up.

7:36 Really pathetic by Dwayne Harris. He should be suspended next game.

7:41 I almost wonder if Romo has a plant leg injury. That would explain why he’s been throwing off of his back foot almost every time he drops back. Even when he has a clean pocket. Like a knee injury. Watching him carefully when he threw the pick. He’s not putting any weight on his left leg when he throws.

7:48 And I’m out. Thanks to anyone who stuck with me. The Cowboys play the Bears next Thursday. The Dallas Cowboys lose 33-10.