Is DeMarco Murray Worth It?


I love what DeMarco Murray did this year, but the question has not become is DeMarco worth it? Is he worth the money he is asking for when you also have to sign Dez Bryant. Even though Murray ran for almost 1850 yards, scored 13 touchdowns and had a 4.7 YPC he also had some problems with fumbles this year. As the offseason has started the Dallas Cowboys must ask themselves not only is Murray worth it, but where do they go from here.

If you remember a few years back the Cowboys got burned by some bad contracts to their RBs. Marion Barber looked like he was the next answer at RB, only to find out he wasn’t worth the money they signed him. His contract hurt the team and Jerry Jones became gun shy at signing another RB to a long term deal. There was a list of players to come and go since him and I just don’t think Jerry has it in him to sign a RB to another long term deal.

The next thing that I think Jerry will look at is the OL. He has built one of the best, if not the best, line in the game. Julius Randle carried the ball 51 times for 343 yards and a 6.7 YPC average. In Jerry’s mind this will only prove to him more that Murray’s success was more due to the line than it is to Murray himself. Things, do not stack well for DeMarco Murray.

If the Cowboys decide to let him go, there are quite a few options in the draft they can replace him with if they wanted, however, before I throw some names out, I don’t think they will really go that route. Having Ryan Williams on the PS, Randle as the backup, and Dunbar waiting in the wings with his ability in the passing game, My thought is the Cowboys were ready for this moment. The moment Jerry and crew was waiting for was if Murray didn’t accept the money they were offering, which at this point is only about $4mil/yr. As a side note which many people missed is right after the season they resigned Williams immediately.

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If they decide to go into the draft here are the names to watch for:

1. Todd Gurley – I don’t think the Cowboys will go first round on a RB, with the stable they have I am thinking Jerry feels they need to focus on the the DL or the secondary. But hey, this is Jerry we are talking about.

2. Melvin Gordon – Again, very talented RB, but he is rated as a first round RB and even if he should fall to the second I just don’t see the Cowboys going that early after a RB.

3. Duke Johnson – I know a lot of people will fall in love with him but I am not sure he would be the kind of every down back the Cowboys are looking for, maybe if they feel good enough about the rest of the stable, but I am thinking this is not what they are looking for.

4. Tevin Coleman – Now this kid is interesting, he went to Indiana so they questions are about if he can play at the next level (I know not fair to the Hoosier football club). He might be a guy the Cowboys target if he shows well at the combine and is still there in the 4th. Anything higher and he will not even be considered in my opinion.

5. T.J Yeldon – While this kid can run he has the same ball security issues that Murray had this season. I don’t think if they Cowboys decided to get another RB they want to fight the same fight they did this season. I just do not see it.

6. Ameer Abdullah – Not the fastest, not the biggest, and not strongest, but might just be the most durable. He is a great blocker in the passing game and simply stays healthy. If he is there in the 4th or later they may look at him.

There are more in the draft which we will cover later, but I just don’t see the Cowboys really reaching for a RB this year. I think Murray is good enough for about $4-4.7mil/yr but if they let him go I think the Cowboys would rather keep Dez and Romo together and move forward to 2015.