Joseph Randle Put The Cowboys In A Bad Situation


Dec 4, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle (21) scores a touchdown past Chicago Bears outside linebacker Shea McClellin (50) and strong safety Ryan Mundy (21) during the second half at Soldier Field. Dallas won 41-28. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are used to drama. Heck, that has always been the case with “Americas Team”. But now, Joseph Randle‘s drama has put the Cowboys in dire straits.

According to the police in Wichita, Kansas,  Randle was arrested for unlawful possession of marijuana on Tuesday in a hotel room. Although Randle was not booked into jail, he was issued a “notice to appear” in court. According to Wichita (KS) Police, Randle is a suspect in their domestic violence investigation. And no gun was found in the hotel room, as was reported.

This is Randle’s second arrest in the last four months. In October, Randle was arrested in a Frisco, TX  mall for stealing underwear and a tester bottle of Gucci Gulity Black Cologne.

Besides embarrassing the Cowboys and more importantly himself, he’s put the Cowboys in a bind when it comes to their running back situation. With DeMarco Murray as a free agent and likely not to resign with the Cowboys and Randle likely to miss games because of a suspension, the Cowboys don’t know who their starting running back will be next season.

Or the back up.

The Cowboys have to realistically make running back a top priority. Just like fixing their defense.

Assuming Murray walks and Randle is suspended, then who will become the Cowboys starting running back? I’ve heard experts say Mark Ingram. Maybe it is Ingram. If it is Ingram, then who is his back up?

Lance Dunbar? Ryan Williams

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Dunbar is a third down back at best and Williams didn’t see any action, so that tells you what they think about him. Either way, the Cowboys will have to address their running back position in the upcoming draft. Using one of those precious draft picks on a running back that was supposed to be used for a defensive player.

Before you ask, I’m very aware of the Cowboys interest in Adrian Peterson and vice versa. But until the Vikings release him or trade him to the Cowboys, he’s a Viking.  And it has to be at the right price. But remember, Peterson has a three game suspension to serve because of charges stemming from child abuse.

So how much weight do the Cowboys put on resigning Murray? A lot I hope. Because the worse case scenario is that the Cowboys are without the NFL’s leading rusher and his backup is suspended for a significant amount of time. That’s not good.

Because the Cowboys were betting on Randle to replace Murray, to some degree.

And I know people are saying sign Mark Ingram or any other running back and find one in the draft. That’s easy to say if your team has a dominant defense with a stellar pass rush.

Simply put, the Cowboys don’t have that luxury. The Cowboys need every draft pick to upgrade that defense, especially the pass rush. But thanks to Randle’s second arrest, the Cowboys find themselves making the running back position their top priority.

I know Cowboys fans and experts assume the Cowboys can plug in any running back behind that massive offensive line and he rushes for 1,845 and 13 touchdowns like Murray.

Good luck with that wishful thinking.

As talented as Randle is, he’s becoming a liability. And I believe in second chances. But how many chances do you get? Former head coach Tony Dungy has a saying, “the best ability is availability”.

And my late grandmother had a saying, too. “When a person shows you themselves the first time, believe them. That’s who they are!”

Randle won’t be available anytime soon and he’s shown the Cowboys who he really is.

Someone who clearly has issues and can’t be depended on.

And now the Cowboys have to find a running back they can depend on.

Putting them in a bad situation.