5 free agents the Dallas Cowboys need to sign

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The Dallas Cowboys should look into signing these five free agents.

With free agency starting tomorrow, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in a position that they have not been in for quite awhile. In 2014, the Cowboys were contenders to come out of the NFC. It’s crazy to believe that considering some people predicted the Cowboys would only win four games. However, even though they exceeded expectations this past season and there are a ton of things to be happy about, expectations are now heightened for the 2015 season. One expectation is making it to the Super Bowl.

As of now, the Cowboys do not have the friendliest cap situation. Obviously, the Cowboys would love to bring in Ndamukong Suh or even a Randall Cobb, but considering their situation, the Cowboys are going to need to find talent via the draft. The key to building a contending team is making smart decisions. It’s simple, yes, but many teams fail to do this. Bad teams hang on to players who aren’t quite worth their asking price.

I’m talking about DeMarco Murray here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Murray fan, but paying over $8 million for a guy who played 16 games for the first time in his contract year as well as a guy who ran the ball over 400 times last year, including the postseason, is really out of the question. It should also be said that a running back’s lifespan in the NFL is not long and another thing that should be said is that a lot of running backs would find success behind Dallas’ offensive line.

Despite their limited cap space, I still believe that, considering they’re in win-now mode, the Cowboys will be aggressive in free agency and they will look to add talent to their areas of need. With that being said, this article will name five players who I believe could all make a difference on this roster in 2015. These five players are all players I’ve watched and evaluated. Without further ado, let’s get started.

DISCLAIMER: The five players in this article are not sexy additions by any means, but they are players that won’t cost that much and will make immediate impacts.

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