5 free agents the Dallas Cowboys need to sign

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

DT Vince Wilfork

At 33 years old, Vince Wilfork is obviously a shell of what he used to be, but he showed in the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl run that he could still be a huge difference-maker. At 6-foot-2, 330 pounds, Wilfork is one of the bigger bodies in the league. The 1-technique defensive tackle is a position the Cowboys need to fill this offseason. The 1-technique position needs to be played by a guy who can keep his ground by taking on constant double teams. It should also be said that this player comes off the field in the nickel defense and the dime defense.

Considering that Wilfork is not even an athletic player to begin with, he would be the perfect fit for the position. Wilfork is a two-time Super Bowl champion and given his age, he is no longer in it for the money. Dallas is in win-now mode and they have Super Bowl aspirations for the 2015 season. By bringing in a player like Wilfork, both parties would be able to benefit. The Cowboys would get a stopgap at the 1-technique position and Wilfork would be playing for a team that is not far away from winning the Super Bowl. It wouldn’t be a sexy pick by any means, but adding Wilfork would be huge to this defense.

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