Dallas Cowboys, Close The Deal.


Jan 4, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray (29) runs with the ball for a touchdown against the Detroit Lions during the third quarter in the NFC Wild Card Playoff Game at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are watching DeMarco Murray go through Free Agency like a teenage boy seeking a prom date. Looking for the prettiest girl, but only to be turned down constantly. Or waiting painfully for an answer. But slowly realizing he already has someone he can take to the prom.

Maybe it’s his best option.

That’s what Murray is facing right now in Free Agency. He’s seeking but is hearing only silence. Potential teams aren’t interested in him and his $7-$10 million dollar figure. In fact, the rumor is that several teams don’t see Murray as a “Superstar”runningback.


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The Cardinals, Eagles, Colts, Raiders, and Jaguars were all rumored to be interested in Murray. According to several media outlets, there is mutual interest between the Eagles and Murray.  Of course, the Colts signed Frank Gore and the Eagles signed Ryan Mathews. But Adam Schefter of ESPN said the Eagles are still in pursuit of Murray.

Even his former college quarterback and roommate, Sam Bradford, is recruiting him to join the Eagles. The Cardinals haven’t showed any interest. Which leaves the perennial losers of the NFL vying for Murray’s services. The Raiders and Jaguars. Not sure what they are offering Murray, but it’s odd that teams like the Colts and Cardinals didn’t make a strong push for Murray.

That’s not good. Because Murray is way better than Gore and Andre Ellington.

Former Colts GM, Bill Polian, said that Murray’s asking price is too high. And some teams believe Murray is a product of a great offensive line.

Which is why the Cowboys should go ahead and close the deal on Murray. With other teams shunning him like he has the plague and making up every excuse not to sign him, the Cowboys need to show him some love. Show him that they care.

What are you waiting on Jerry Jones?

Because it’s clear contending teams in the NFL aren’t going to give Murray the money he’s looking for and Jones should sweeten the pot and re-sign Murray. Under no circumstances, Jones cannot allow Murray to go to the hated Eagles. Not to face twice a year. Especially when you didn’t re-sign him and had the opportunity to do it.

The Cowboys have already restructured  Tyron Smith‘s contract. Freeing up $8 million in salary cap space. Since the  Cowboys converted $10 million of Smith’s guaranteed $11.039 base salary in 2015 into signing bonus money, it gives the Cowboys a total of $11 million in cap space. And remember Murray is asking between $7-$10 million.

Jones and Co. need to remind Murray that he is one of the reasons why the Cowboys were successful in 2014. On how he is part of the new version of the “Triplets”. That one day his name will be in the Cowboys “Ring Of Honor”. On how he’s the Cowboys’ single-season rushing leader.

They need to remind him that his name will forever be linked to Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith. Especially, if, and when, the Cowboys win a Super Bowl. 

And remind him that if he goes elsewhere, like to the Raiders or Jaguars, his legacy will be lost. A big payday but that’s about it. And the Eagles don’t even have a quarterback, let alone an offensive line that can make you the NFL’s leading rusher.

So Jones and Co., do your job. Remind Murray about the teenage boy looking for the pretty girl to take to the prom.  Remind him that he has someone he can take to the prom.

That the Cowboys are here waiting on him.

And then close the deal.