The Confusing Draft of The Dallas Cowboys


Mar 24, 2015; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Whitten watches the game between the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs at the American Airlines Center. The Mavericks defeated the Spurs 101-94. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the most confusing drafts coming up in April. There are so many ways in which they can go and should go in the first three rounds. We will try to guess how they will draft, and along the way we might confuse ourselves, or we might hit the nail on the head. The needs are many and once you get into the 4th round or later the odds of the player starting right away drops significantly. Just as a refresher let’s start with the needs first. As of right now most people can agree the Dallas Cowboys need the following in no particular order; RB, DE, DT, G, Swing Tackle, heir to Tony Romo, CB, S, OLB, ILB, and WR. That is a pretty long list to get covered in a draft.

How the first round might go is a hotly debated topic right now. Many Cowboy fans want to see a RB in the first round. It seems much of the chatter coming out of the Cowboys camp right now is that they seem to feel the platoon they have is good. But, then they invite the top RBs in for a look before the draft. So which way do they lean? It wouldn’t surprise many if they got a RB in the first round, but yet, others think they will wait until the 2nd or 3rd. If they go RB in the first round then they are almost going to have to go LB, CB or DE or even DT in the second. With the depth of this draft DEs and DTs that can pass rush or create a disturbance start to drop off in about the third round. Which, let’s be honest when you are picking this late in the rounds you have to almost look at the following round grades as well.

So if the Cowboys decide to wait until the 2nd or 3rd round for a DE or DT, then the other way they can go in the 1st is CB. Which would mean they would have to fill a RB position in the late 2nd or 3rd round as well. But wait! What we haven’t talked about is the need for a LB. Which would then force the DE or DT to a later round. But if they feel they are set at RB, then CB or DL would have to be the second and third round picks with a later round RB. Oh, I forgot they really should look at Guards. Nah, that can wait until the 4th or 5th rounds. And safety? Well now you are talking 5th or 6th rounds for one of those, wait we don’t have a 6th round pick. Oh man we forgot a WR and kick returner.

Ok wait, let’s go back to the first round for a second, and try this again. Let’s say the Dallas Cowboys go for a LB in the first round and a CB in the second. That would force their hand at either a RB, DE, DT, G, S, or even WR in the 3rd and 4th. So if they get a RB in the 3rd and DE in the 4th, they have 2 more rounds to get a WR, G, swing tackle, DT, and safety. Well I guess we can say they feel set at safety and G. If that is the case then is it possible to get a swing tackle in the 7th, and a DT in the 5th? Man, what about the heir to Tony? Ugh, okay so maybe that will be an undrafted FA.

So what happens if their targets for RB and CB are gone in the first and second? Now you look at DE and LB in the first two rounds, which would mean a CB and RB in the 3rd and 4th. But is that going to mean they feel set at S, G, and DT? Are we confused yet?

The best guess would be the Dallas Cowboy brain trust will look to trade around this draft to pick up more picks. If they are smart they would move out of the first round and pick up a few second and third round picks and hope they can fill at least three of those needs early. When you are so late in the round you are almost picking in the next round, but the value for a trade is still fairly high. The hard part is finding someone who actually wants to trade with you.

So while it looks confusing I am sure the picture will become more clear in the next few weeks, or at least  you will hear more coming out of the Cowboys camp to understand where they think they are. As long as they don’t go TE, K, P in the first three rounds I think most Cowboy fans would be at least fairly happy. With the list of needs and the list of wants it can get muddled and confusing for sure. But, that is what is so fun about this time of year.