Dallas Cowboys Need A Ball Hawking Safety


Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys will definitely focus on defense in the upcoming draft. The Cowboys have issues at every position on defense except the linebacker position. Even with the signing of FA Greg Hardy and the improvement of DeMarcus Lawrence at the DE position, the Cowboys still have to address their interior defense with someone who can play either the 1-technique or the 3-technique. Or just for depth purposes.

We all know how pathetic the secondary is. How Brandon Carr is the most underachieving DB in NFL history (in my opinion). How Morris Claiborne is injury prone and so far is heading towards first round bust status. Their best DB, Orlando Scandrick, is literally on an island by himself because he has no help. 

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Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox are decent Safeties. Church has been a starter for two years and has 222 total tackles in two seasons. He’s definitely a hard hitter against the run. He’s not bad against the pass, but he’s not a player opposing offenses worry about.

Going into his third season, Wilcox had five interceptions last season and showed flashes of why the Cowboys’ brass are high on him. But there were key moments when he missed tackles because of a poor angle or he blew a coverage. Although this is just his third year playing Safety, Wilcox needs to take his play to the next level.

Whether Church or Wilcox improve or not, or remain decent, its time that the Dallas Cowboys find a ball hawking Safety. A Safety that plays the middle of the field like a center fielder. A Pro Bowl type Safety that will make a play on the ball and take it to the house. I’m talking about a Safety that has the ball hawking skills like an Ed Reed. The football instincts like Reed.

And the hard hitting, athleticism of Troy Polamalu. Who is a dynamic play making, ball hawking Safety, too. Or the ultra talented and never aging Charles Woodson. All three are Super Bowl winners and future Hall of Famers.

Reed (64 ints), Polamalu (32 ints), and Woodson (60 ints) have a combined 156 interceptions and 25 Pro Bowl appearances between the three of them. These are some of the best Safeties to ever play the game.

Wow. Talk about elite.

I know players like that don’t fall off of trees and aren’t easily found. I’m fully aware that these players come once in a generation. I fully understand this because the Cowboys haven’t had a Pro Bowl Safety since 2007 when Roy Williams represented America’s Team. Although Williams was a hard hitter and good Safety, later on, he became a liability and couldn’t cover himself in a blanket.

That’s how awful he had become in coverage.

In fact, Williams was the last Safety the Cowboys drafted in the first round. And he played along side the best Safety in Cowboys history. Darren Woodson.

Woodson, in my opinion, had a Hall of Fame career. He was a 5- time Pro Bowler, 3-time First-Team All-Pro with 23 career interceptions, two touchdowns, and 813 tackles. Playing in 178 games. Not to mention a 3-time Super Bowl Champion.

Woodson wasn’t a ball hawk like the future Hall of Famers. But he was damn good and produced on an All-Pro level every Sunday. And he didn’t have any mental mishaps, didn’t get beat and he definitely didn’t miss any tackles. He was one of the hardest hitting Safeties in NFL history.

For the younger generation, watch Darren Woodson’s greatest hits on Youtube.

As for the draft, there aren’t any game changing Safeties because this draft is seen as weak for the position. So if the Cowboys draft a Safety, its for depth or special teams purposes.

That’s bad news.

But the Cowboys need either Wilcox or Church to step up their game. Because they need too. Step it up to where opposing offenses have to plan for you because they know you are there.

Waiting to make a play.

A play that you can take to the house.

Pay Dirt.

Just like a Ball Hawking Safety.