Tony Romo: The Best 5 Plays of QB’s Career

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Tony Romo is one of the better quarterbacks in all of football. In honor of his recent birthday, here are the five best plays from his career.

Although he is extremely maligned and considered not clutch, the real Dallas Cowboys fans know that this team goes as Tony Romo goes. Last season, Romo had arguably the most efficient season of his career and a huge reason why was because of the Cowboys and how they put talent around him. Throughout much of his career, Romo has always had to play “hero ball” for the Cowboys, which really has grown the legend of him choking in big moments.

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Nevertheless, Romo is actually one of the most clutch quarterbacks in the NFL in terms of statistics in the crunch-time. With one of the better rosters in football, Romo will have a chance to win the Super Bowl within the next few years. In honor of the quarterback’s birthday, I took a look at the top five plays from his career.

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