Dallas Cowboys Final 7-Round 2015 NFL Mock Draft

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys were close to contending for the Super Bowl last season. This mock draft will make them legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

It’s been a long few months. For weeks now, I have been watching, analyzing, and scouting many draft prospects in hopes of finding the best talent for the Dallas Cowboys to draft. Watching the Cowboys last year was extremely enjoyable. After years of watching my favorite team make stupid decisions, I finally witnessed a year of winning football, thanks to the personnel decisions that have been made over the past few years. However, you readers are in for a treat because this mock draft will get the Cowboys over the top.

Admittedly, this final mock draft you’re about to read has its flaws. For starters, these aren’t the picks I would make if I were Will McClay. Instead, these are the picks that I honestly believe will come to fruition over the course of the next week. Without further ado, here’s my final Cowboys seven-round mock draft.

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