Dallas Cowboys Final 7-Round 2015 NFL Mock Draft

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Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

<p>There’s a report going around that his knee is extremely problematic, but I believe that the Cowboys are a team that could draft Jay Ajayi in the next few. The Cowboys no longer give out long-term contracts to unproductive players on their team. Knowing that as well as the devaluing of the running back position, the Cowboys could easily draft a running back three years from now and receive the same production they would from Ajayi or perhaps even DeMarco Murray. That truly says a lot about the Cowboys’ offensive line.</p> <p>Despite the knee concerns, Ajayi is a guy that many have compared to Marshawn Lynch. Similarly, their running styles are basically the same and their bodies are extremely similar. At 6-foot-1, 220 pounds, Ajayi is a bigger back, but he runs with a vicious playing style, where he uses leverage and downhill speed to barrel over defenders.</p> <p>T.J. Yeldon is a guy I have mocked many times to the Cowboys in the second round and there’s good reason to that. However, it looks as if Yeldon will go at the beginning of the second round thanks to Ajayi’s slide. Nevertheless, Ajayi has the tools to be a real exciting running back, and behind Dallas’ offensive line, the two really could be the perfect match.</p>. RB. Boise State. Jay Ajayi. 2. player. 123

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