The Dallas Cowboys – Who Are These Guys?


Apr 30, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; Byron Jones (Connecticut) is selected as the number twenty-seven overall pick to the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

If you have read a lot of my articles you will know I love the Undrafted Free Agents, but the question every year is, “Who are these guys?” So like I did last year I will break each UDFA down to the best of my abilities. I take my analysis of each from a plethora of draft analysis, videos if I can find them, and any other source I can find. So who are these guys? Well, let’s find out.

Antwan Goodley – WR – Baylor – Goodley runs a 4.4 40 which shows when you watch tape on him. Once he gets the ball in his hands he looks for holes and tries to run for daylight. At only 5’10” he might be a little on the short side, but suited for the slot. He is a dynamic kick returner and has the ability to break one at any time. His problems are that he played at Baylor and has a very limited route tree. His hands are inconsistent at best and might not be the guy you want going over the middle. If he can sure up his route running and learn to catch less with his body, he could be a good slot guy and an excellent kick returner.

Deontay Greenberry – WR – Houston – Greenberry has the size at 6’3” 200 pounds and an okay speed at 4.51. His issues come from his poor route running and unsure hands. He was second in FBS with 11 drops this season. He has the ability to get open, but has no real second gear. He does a good job with his footwork on the sidelines and does well to adjust to keep himself in bounds.

Shane McDermott – C – Miami – When asked to take on a block with a guard he shows well and has a high effort level. When he is up against a power rush? Well that is a different story. He has a decent first punch, but then that looks to be the only time he uses power. He will put himself in awkward position while blocking at times which decreases his ability to use his size.

Ray Vinopal – S – Pitt – Undersized and slow are the two words that have been used to describe Vinopal. However, he ran a 4.5 and a 4.55 at his pro day which was only the start of people talking about him. When he benched 26 times, people took notice. Vinopal has a nose for the ball and his effort is second to none. He led the team in tackles and interceptions and has even been known to get a sack or two. He will need to prove his size is not an issue and he could find a place on the team somewhere.

Chucky Hunter – DT – TCU – Hunter is a tree trunk. He is the perfect 1-gap DT and holds ground very well. His size at 6′ 300lbs makes him unmovable, but not very fluid or flexible. He can stop the run very well, but has almost no pass rush techniques. What everyone loves about Hunter is his motor, which never stops, ever. Ever review of him makes him one of the most coachable players and could be a rotational guy against an inside run game.

Jameil Showers – QB – UTEP – Showers is a traditional style QB and is comfortable with the taking snaps from center. He doesn’t look to run, but has mobility to get out of a pass rush. He will take chances with his throws and sometimes will try to force a throw to include throwing from awkward positions. He has a decent read progression as long as there are not defenders pushing in on him, then he tends to panic. Will need some work, but has a good arm.

Lucky Whitehead – WR/KR – Florida Atlantic – Not afraid to go over the middle and knows how to protect himself. He tends to round off his routes and is sloppy at selling a move. In the return game he understand that sometimes you have to give ground to gain ground and is always looking for an opening. He has the speed to break a return, but will run really upright. His strength will come in special teams to make the Dallas Cowboys.

George Farmer – WR – USC – Farmer is not afraid of going over the middle and has pretty good hands. He isn’t big enough to really play outside in the NFL and has a short college resume. Where Farmer could excel is with his speed. He ran a 4.35 on his pro day and if he is used in the return game he can run for daylight if he gets a seam. While he has a pretty good stiff-arm, he is not very strong against press coverage. Most of his catches seem to come from slants and hitches, but if he catches almost everything thrown to him. He did blow his knee out two years ago.

Synjyn Days – RB – GA. Tech – Days is not fast and has average vision. Where Days shows up is in short yardage situations as he will run over anyone if he can. He has a strength at the point of attack that the Cowboys do not currently have on the roster. He has great hands as a RB and could be used in the pass game as well. He could make the team if he can play special teams and the Cowboys want a bruiser type RB on the roster.

Cam McDaniel – RB – Notre Dame – A bruiser type of back who will not wow you with a home run, but can get the tough yards. At the NFL level he will need to add size to his 185lbs frame, but has the body to do so. He moves his feet really well, in fact he had a 6.78 in the 3 cone drill, which would have beaten every RB at the combine. He has good vision to find a hole and will lower his head and push. He got lost in the mix at Notre Dame and will be more of a short yardage RB, however could easily find himself on special teams, but is not projected to be a starting RB.

Nick Harwell – WR – Kansas – Harwell is another slot type receiver. He shows that he will go over the middle anytime and has a really good vision on the field. He needs to work on his hands some, but watching him go over the middle he is sturdy and reliable. I don’t see him as a kick returner, but could be used in the kicking game. He has ok speed and is a little short, but is tough and not afraid of taking a hit.

Tim Scott – S – UNC – A converted CB Scott has a really good nose for the ball and plays the ball not the receiver. He is a natural leader and likes to lead by example. Several mocks I saw from other teams wanted him in the 5th round. He has the ability to cover, has good hands, and is actually a decent pickup to be a backup. He will need work on the nuance of safety, but the fact he can play two positions should make him valuable. If he can show his game speed matches his intelligence and play special teams he mind find himself on the roster.

Jon Davis – TE/FB – Illinois – Davis played tight end, but showed against Ohio St. he can play FB as well. He might be better suited as a FB given his 6’3” 240lbs frame that blocks really well. He has good hands and could be a weapon out of the backfield as a FB. He will need to show he can play special teams and that his blocking is first and foremost to make the team as a FB, but another weapon can’t hurt.

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Daniel Quave – OT – Louisianna-Lafayette – Might be better suited as a guard. He has a 6’3” 325lbs frame and led in pancakes on his team easily. He has the power to hold up at the point of attack, but will need work on his hand and foot usage and technique. He has the ability to be taught and was a captain on his team. At this point Quave is nothing more than a depth player who if he puts the time in could develop given the time.

Ray Hamilton – TE – Iowa – A 6’5” 252lbs TE is a pretty big target in the passing game, the thing about Hamilton is, no one really knows how is he in the passing game. Hamilton was asked to be a big bodied blocking TE at Iowa and to be honest after watching him, it is like adding another lineman. He holds blocks well, has power at the point of attack, and enjoys the role. He can play special teams as well. If he can show he has the ability in the passing game he could be a sleeper pickup, thing is again, no one knows.

Joel Ross – CB – App. St. – Ross has a 4.4 speed and has been clocked once at 4.35. He actually plays the position well but the level of competition means no one really knows how he will do against bigger, faster, better players. In drills he looked pretty good and has decent fluidity to his movements. If he can play special teams he could make the practice squad while he works on some technique.

Jason Wilson – CB – Cent. Michigan – Wilson had an over 10 foot broad jump and ran a 4.5 at his pro day. His big thing is he is not afraid to tackle and will get his nose in on the play. He is a little short and could be suited for a nickle CB and play in the slot. He seems to show some decent technique, but will need work with his feet and timing of jumps.

Brandon Bridge – QB – South Alabama – When I watched him the first thing that came to mind was Brandon Weedon. He has all the arm strength in the world and uses it on every pass. He will fire a bullet on almost every pass and will need to develop more touch on the ball. He is a little inconsistent when it comes to where he places the ball and his footwork is marginal. He is very coachable and could make a play if he can clean up his game a little.

Justin Podrabsky – TE – Idaho – At 6’6 250lbs he is a huge target. He is also a converted QB. He has the power to block well and will hold his blocks really well. He has good hands and can be a surprise in the passing game. He finds seams fairly well, but the level of competition isn’t there. He could be a good asset in the blocking game, but he is somewhat unknown as to what he can provide in the long term to the passing game.

So there it is the “Who Are These Guys” for 2015. Keep an eye on these guys as they tend to end up on practice squads and are backups fairly often. Let me know what you guys think of these pickups.