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The Dallas Cowboys selected a player with a ton of potential in Virginia Tech’s Laurence Gibson. He was nice enough to interview with us here at Sport DFW.

Despite being one of their seventh-round picks, Laurence Gibson is a guy that provides some intrigue to the offensive line in 2015. While the Dallas Cowboys did have the league’s best offensive line in 2014 and that will likely continue in 2015 with the addition of La’el Collins, Gibson is the type of player that can play a number of positions along the offensive line.

Even though Gibson has been working hard in rookie mini camps and he’s doing whatever he can do to not only make the 53-man roster, but make an impact for the team as well, Gibson took time out of his schedule to do an interview with the staff here at Sport DFW. Check it out below!

1) You grew up in Arizona. Were you a Cardinals fan growing up?

"I only lived in Az for two years but while I was there I was a Wildcat fan."

2) When did you start playing football?

"I started my freshman year of high school and played for three years in high school"

3) How early did the Cowboys express interest in you?

"Not until after the combine"

4) What was it like having Cowboys coaches talk with you?

"The coach they sent to Virginia Tech for a private workout was Marc Colombo who played for the Cowboys for five years and was in the NFL for ten years. To get respect from someone like that and have them vouch for you to get drafted is beyond an amazing feeling."

5) Talk about the pre-draft process. What was it like? How did it help you?

"The pre draft process started less than a week after our final game with workouts. I trained all the way up until the combine where I got top performer in 5 out of 7 events then i had three private workouts and five visits to teams for interviews. I think it helped me tremendously because I probably would have gone undrafted without the combine."

6) What are your strengths?

"My strength, speed, and intelligence are my strengths. I received every single strength and conditioning award from Virginia tech while graduating twice and playing three different positions for three different coaches and out of the thousands of career snaps only allowing 1 sack."

7) What are your weaknesses?

"I don’t think I have any true weaknesses, but there are a lot of things I need to do differently."

8) Talk about Coach Pollack.

"Coach Pollack is an amazing coach and manager of men."

9) Are you excited to play in the Cowboys’ zone-blocking scheme? Do you think you have the ability to make an impact as a three-down player or as a change-of-pace guy?

"I am excited to play in the Cowboys zone blocking scheme. I’m hoping to get on the field any way I can."

10) Talk about this offensive line.

"The vets have a tremendous amount of experience a knowledge and they are more than willing to help out the rookies."

11) Are you friends with any Cowboys?

"Ryan Williams who was at Virginia Tech while I was there."

12) What do you know about the other fellow rookies that you’ll be competing with in the next few weeks?

"I didn’t know anything about them coming into camp."

13) What do you know about La’el Collins and Chaz Green?

"I don’t know them yet."

14) What are you most excited about?

"One day starting a football game as a Dallas Cowboy."

15) What are your expectations for the 2015 season?

"No expectations but definitely hopes of playing."

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