Texas Rangers Win Sixth Straight Series


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Despite Sunday’s 4-3 setback to the Kansas City Royals, the Texas Rangers spate of series wins continued. Our boys in blue had already secured their sixth straight with Saturday afternoon’s 4-2 win.

A deeper look at the at the win-loss totals reveals that this squad has lost only one series since May 4th.

In retrospect, the sign of things to come started that day when the Rangers traveled to Houston and proceeded to sweep the Astros in three. Keep in mind, leading into that series, the ‘Stros had won 10 straight and were red hot.

The Rangers then tied two consecutive four-gamers between the Tampa Bay Rays and the aforementioned Royals before coming back down to earth and losing a three-gamer to the Cleveland Indians.

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It appeared to be a return to the doom-and-gloom of April, as trips to both Boston and New York loomed.

But then a strange and beautiful thing happened.

After taking two of three from the Red Sox, the Rangers waltzed into Yankee Stadium and proceeded to trounce the Yankees three games to none.

What was surprising about that sweep was its dominating nature. Whatever stride they began to find in Boston hit another gear in New York City, as they outscored the Bronx Bombers by an aggregate of 30-15.

Had it not been for a Yankees rally in game one of that series, the run differential would have been even more stark. The Rangers haven’t looked back since.

They have rattled off series wins versus Cleveland, Boston, the Chicago White Sox, and Royals since then.  And miracle of miracles, they find themselves a scant 3.5 games out of first in the AL West.

Even the series triumphs against Chicago and Kansas City have come on the heels of losing Adrian Beltre and Josh Hamilton for extended periods.

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Can the magic last? That’s anyone’s guess. Attrition is the great equalizer in professional sports. Ask last year’s Rangers team how injuries squashed any hopes of contending. It was a long and painful season.

But as this year’s campaign has worn on, it’s as if the baseball gods finally turned the bad luck spigot off.

In light of recent Ranger success, it warrants questioning what it all means moving forward. The pitching has largely been consistent enough to keep them in games.

The truth is, in a season that looked to be a carbon copy of last year’s mess, the Rangers have seemingly defied the odds and turned their season around.

If the solid hurling continues, it should only improve once Matt Harrison and Derek Holland return.

If the timely hitting continues, it stands to reason that the eventual returns of Beltre and Hamilton will only bolster an offense that came into Sunday’s game as the third-highest scoring team in all of baseball.

The truth is, in a season that looked to be a carbon copy of last year’s mess, the Rangers have seemingly defied the odds and turned their season around.

Even Sunday’s hiccup didn’t affect the standings, as the Astros blew a two-run ninth inning lead to lose to the Toronto Blue Jays.

The ever-loyal Rangers fan base has plenty of reason to remain guardedly optimistic about this team’s chances to contend for a playoff spot.

To this point, I’m very glad to have been wrong about this bunch. They’re grinding and finding ways to win, and that has exceeded all expectations.

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  • Published on 06/08/2015 at 12:00 PM
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