Dallas Mavericks top five 2011 playoff moments

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3. Terry’s three over LeBron, game five vs. Miami Heat: The Finals were tied at 2-2 and I was nervous. If Dallas won, they’d be up 3-2 going back to Miami with two chances to win the title. If they lose, they’d have to win two games in Miami to survive.

Dirk had a brilliant fourth quarter in game four while playing sick to tie up the series, but the Mavs still didn’t look like as fluid as they did in the first three rounds. Finally, in game five, it looked like they were finally playing at their tempo.

The Mavs were up 105-101 with less then a minute remaining, and the game was still in anyone’s to take. Until Jason Terry hit a long three with LeBron James right in his face.

This was coming off Terry questioning whether LeBron could shut him down for the entirety of the series, and Nowitzki calling out Terry and saying they needed him to show up in the clutch. But, like the fairytale this run was, Terry delivered in game five with 21 points off the bench, and that incredible shot.

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