The Never Ending Road Trip: An FC Dallas Nightmare


Disclaimer: It’s never a good sign when two articles in a three week span have the word “nightmare in the title”

It just won’t stop.

The never-ending road trip that goes on and on and on and never ends still hasn’t ended. Did I mention that it’s not over yet…like, it hasn’t ended.

With said road trip has come disappointment after disappointment for a noticeably downtrodden FC Dallas. Saturday’s 3-0 loss to Seattle typified was has been a rough time for FCD of late.

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First off, Dallas failed to score…again. Through four games of the current five-game road trip, FC Dallas has scored one goal which came from the head of Matt Hedges. So, in four games, an FC Dallas midfielder or attacker has not scored a goal. Ouch.

There were a few legitimate chances in the first half that could have seen that trend come to a halt. Fabian Castillo, after some great footwork, found himself with the keeper to beat. His shot was saved by, as Ray Hudson would put it, “the keeper’s skinny, white friend”, the goalpost.

Another chance fell to Kyle Bekker who could have marked his first MLS goal for FC Dallas. Instead, Stefan Frei came to the rescue this time and beat away Bekker’s attempt. After that, unfortunately, it was all Seattle.

Admittedly, after the first half, I never would have expected the final score to turn out the way that it did. Even with the game being in Seattle, I thought for sure that we would put up a better fight than what played out in the second half.

As you sat and watched the game, you could visibly see it slipping away and the pendulum swinging toward the Sounders. The chances that FC Dallas created were not nearly as clear cut as they were in the first half. And when the flood gates opened, Dallas was the small, evacuated town at the base of the dam that got flattened.

One goal led to another and yet another. When all the dust had settled, FC Dallas was leaving Seattle with yet another road disappointment: zero goals and zero points to show for their efforts. At least we tried, right?

Much like how the team looked as the second half wore on, the FCD faithful are starting to lose hope and let it show; so much so that the hashtag #sadFCDfan was trending on Twitter. Again, ouch.

Normally, you would think that a trip to Colorado would be a welcome proposition for a weary team looking for a positive result. Colorado sits at the bottom of the Western Conference Table with only 14 points to show from 14 matches.

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  • Disappointingly, FCD is responsible for 4 of those 14 points. Colorado embarrassed us earlier in the season with a 4-0 thumping and then held us to a draw, just to rub it in our faces. We need another Band-Aid because, again, ouch.

    The only good news about travelling to Colorado this weekend is that the hellacious road trip for FC Dallas will finally be over. Weary travelers can finally return home to their families and their warm, comfy beds. They’ll be needing some rest because nothing has been comfortable on this road trip for FC Dallas.

    Three points have never been so vital as they will be this weekend in Colorado.

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