Texas Rangers’ Adrian Beltre: It’s going to take some time


The Texas Rangers may be having fun experimenting with Joey Gallo, but the team is still wishing Adrian Beltre a speedy recovery.

Adrian Beltre, arguably the best third baseman in the major leagues, had stitches removed from his sprained left thumb on Sunday.  While the Rangers have played well in his absence, Beltre remains frustrated with no set timetable for his return.

Placed on the disabled list June 1, Beltre was originally scheduled to miss at least two weeks with the left thumb injury. The injury was sustained in May, on a routine slide into second base. The slide resulted in a gash that required four stitches, and an indeterminate amount of healing time.

In Beltre’s absence, top prospect, Joey Gallo, has made quite the impression. But for every bit of power and excitement Gallo provides, the loss of Beltre (the Rangers’ #4 hitter and top fielder) hurts the club considerably. Beltre, 36,  has had his share of injuries over the years, but this is one he can’t just play through. He has to heal.

Let’s thank the baseball gods this injury wasn’t any more severe than what it was. It seems that the only problem keeping the five-time Gold Glover off the diamond, is his inability to grip the baseball bat.

"“It’s about the comfort of grabbing a bat,” Beltre told DMN. “It’s still not comfortable. I’ve been trying since the second day.”"

Without Beltre’s contribution, let’s talk about what the Rangers are missing.

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The slugger from the Dominican Republic plays the third base territory at an extremely high level. When in rhythm, Beltre has driven in multiple runs at the Rangers’ hitter-friendly ballpark.

In the 51 games before the May thumb injury, Beltre was hitting .257 with six home runs and 18 RBIs. His glove is thought of as the best on the entire Rangers team.

Nevertheless, Gallo is doing his job. The No.1 prospect has given this team all the right tools to take away some of the pressure and loss of Beltre.

Texas manager Jeff Banister couldn’t be anymore happy with the potent bat Gallo has displayed.

Gallo has shown off his phenomenal power so far in his short time in the big leagues. He was hitting .279 with 12 hits and seven RBIs before last night’s game against the Dodgers. Gallo has left the yard four times, but he has also exposed his struggles with 16 strikeouts.

The Rangers ball club is excelling just fine while waiting on its third base All Star to return to the lineup. As much as Beltre would like to be playing right now, he has to do what’s best for him and follow the protocol of team physicians.

"“Obviously, I wanted to be playing already,” Beltre said. “I thought that it would be better, but now according to the doctors it was really dramatic what happened in there so it’s going to take some time. I’m just waiting for my time.”"

When Beltre returns, it’s tough to guess whether Gallo stays in the majors, or goes back down to the minors. But this kid has earned immense respect in the major leagues. He’s definitely a weapon the Rangers can utilize down the stretch.

Despite what happens now, the Rangers are focused on winning games and getting Beltre healthy again. Here’s to wishing Adrian Beltre a speedy recovery.

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