Dallas Cowboys’ 53-Man Roster Projection: 1.0

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May 27, 2015; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarter back Tony Romo smiles as he answers questions in the locker room after OTAs at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In Sport DFW’s first 53-man roster projection, we look at the impact of early injuries and Greg Hardy’s imminent suspension.

The Dallas Cowboys found a way to build an extremely deep roster this offseason. Linebacker, offensive line, and defensive line are thought to be the deepest of position groups. As a result of such depth, the Cowboys are sure to cut some very capable players on their way to finalizing the regular season 53-man roster.

As of today, Greg Hardy is still scheduled to miss 10 games this season. He will not count against the 53-man roster until the suspension ends, so you will not see Hardy on this 53. As I last updated, I feel Hardy will eventually have his suspension reduced, but it’s highly unlikely it will be eliminated altogether.

Quarterback (3)

Tony Romo

Brandon Weeden

Dustin Vaughn

No big surprises here. Romo is obviously the unquestioned starter, and Weeden (unfortunately) is the primary back-up. Vaughn remains an intriguing prospect that the Cowboys are slowly grooming, but possess little threat to the top two spots. Unless someone’s injured or Weeden completely implodes in training camp, Vaughn will be the 3rd QB once again.

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