This Position Is Unsettled For The Dallas Cowboys


Dec 21, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back

Joseph Randle

(21) carries the ball as Indianapolis Colts free safety

LaRon Landry

(30) defends in the second quarter at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys already know who the starters will be at every position when they host the Giants on Sept 13th. From starting QB to WR to DE, the Cowboys have the respective players penciled in, including the backups. When it came to addressing one of its weakest positions, DE, they addressed it by drafting Randy Gregory, Ryan Russell and signing FA Greg Hardy. They even addressed the DB position by drafting Byron Jones, who can play Safety, too.

The WR position is probably one of its strongest with the unstoppable Dez Bryant being the best in the league. The LB corps is strong and could be one of the league’s best.

But there is one position that the Cowboys are not sure of. This is the position they didn’t address during the draft. In fact, they believe the position is fine. They happen to like it the way it is.

That’s not the truth, however.

The position in question you might ask?

The Dallas Cowboys are definitely unsettled on the RB position. What was once viewed as a position they felt strongly about, is no longer the case, in my opinion. I say this because there are rumors of the Cowboys talking to RB Chris Johnson‘s agent, and the Cowboys signing former Stephen F. Austin RB Gus Johnson. Not to mention, the Cowboys signed RB Lache Seastrunk earlier in the summer.

The Cowboys already have RB’s Darren McFadden, Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar. Until recently, they had Ryan Williams on the roster, who played on the practice squad last season and was supposed to be in the RB rotation.

So now the Cowboys have five RB’s on the team, with speculation about Johnson as an addition. I don’t know if that will ever come to fruition. But you have to wonder if the Cowboys are satisfied with their current stable of RB’s. If they are satisfied, then why add so many more?

Why release Williams? Why are there rumors of Johnson’s agent talking to the Cowboys? This question needs to be answered.

I know why.

Very simple.

The Cowboys aren’t sure about McFadden’s health long term or if Randle can carry the load full time. Or if Randle can stay out of trouble, for that matter. Dunbar is a speedy third down specialist. New additions of Johnson and Seastrunk are for depth reasons and special teams purposes. The Cowboys’ brass aren’t looking for either one of them to be the featured back.

But what the Cowboys are looking for is a RB who can produce like DeMarco Murray did last season. Period. A RB who can make teams put eight men in the box. A RB defenses will fear.

Or at least respect.

For all of the talk and rhetoric about how the Cowboys believe in their current RB’s is a bunch of nonsense. The Cowboys don’t believe it because of the aforementioned reasons. Whether Jerry Jones and Co. want to admit it or not, they wanted Murray to stay, but at the right price, of course. They really wanted him to stay because of his production. Regardless of his fumbles and his injury prone history, Murray brought a bruising running style, which none of the current RB’s possess.

I believe the Cowboys made the right decision because of Murray’s injury prone history. But that’s not the issue. The issue is who will carry the load for the team? Will the Cowboys go with the RB by committee approach to save the wear and tear on McFadden? Will Randle get his opportunity to shine and not “leave meat on the bones” as he quoted about Murray leaving yards on the field?

I do believe Randle should be the number one RB because of his quickness and explosiveness, although he has a small sample size. When given the opportunity, he’s produced. Averaging 6.7 yards a carry last season.

I know everyone believes that having the best offensive line in the NFL means that any RB can run for 1,845 yards and score 13 td’s like Murray did and become a Pro Bowler.

If that’s the case, why do the Cowboys keep adding and searching for RB’s?

Why not go with the RB’s on the roster?

Because they aren’t sure about them.

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