How To Watch the Dallas Cowboys Preseason Game


The time has finally come for the Dallas Cowboys to have their first preseason game, so let this will serve as a guide of how to watch the game, and what to look for.

While it is known that preseason games rarely have the starters in for long periods, there are still some things to watch for from the first team, and a ton of things to watch for from everyone else, including the coaching staff. All of this will start painting a picture of how the Dallas Cowboys will look this upcoming season.

First, the coaching staff and first teams will be a focal point early in the game. Who the staff rolls out as the first team will show a little of who is currently slated as the starter and where some people sit in position battles. Once the game starts however, it is time to watch for a few things from the first team.

How is Tony Romo connecting with his receivers will be the first thing to jump off the page. Some might say it is the running game, but tweaks to the running game are easier than the timing and patterns from the WRs and QB. The running game will be interesting to watch as to see what the offensive line looks, and how the running backs see and hit holes.

If it looks like large holes are opening up and the running backs are making cuts and playing patient, it says good things for the running game this season. Many think this will be where the Dallas Cowboys will win or lose this season.

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Once the starters have sat down it is time to watch the backups try to make the team. The first thing to always watch for, is who is giving effort on special teams. If a name keeps popping up in the return game or on tackles, it is a player you should watch when the second and third (offensive or defensive) teams take the field.

On the offensive side of the ball, focus on the backup QBs to see how they move in the pocket and read opposing defenses. It is hard to say how the timing is since in training camp the starter gets the majority of reps. If they can read the defense and it looks like they are making smart decisions, they might just have the step up on someone with poor touch or poor decision making.

How the backup RBs read and cut is vital, but the key to a backup RB is how well they can make an extra yard with good ball protection. Is the RB different than the next guy? This is how Lance Dunbar has created a spot for himself on the team. He received better than DeMarco Murray or Joseph Randle did.

The defense will be an entirely different thing to watch. The starters will look better regardless, as most preseason games are fairly vanilla in terms of play calling. The key for the Dallas Cowboys here, is how well the CBs and safeties play the ball and can keep a cover on the WRs.

If they can force a mistake or cover tightly without giving up a lot of yards, it is a good sign of things to come. The LBs will need to not only run the ball carrier down, but show they can cover the TEs and RBs out of the backfield. If they can cover and shed blocks in the second level, they have something to watch as training camp moves forward.

The DL needs to not only get pressure on the QB, but they also need to get their hands up into passing lanes and come down on the run. If they can get to the QB, but are getting man-handled on the line during runs, it could be a weakness the Dallas Cowboys will need to address.

The backups will have to play with tenacity and instead of trying to make big plays, they need to play within the scheme and make a big play when it comes to them without putting the team at risk if they fail.

The key to offseason games isn’t how well someone performs, it is how well they know what they are doing and if they listen to what the coaches are telling them. If they are playing well and making plays within the system, they are doing their job which could be enough to make the team. Here is where we see some idea of who these Dallas Cowboys will be this season. Even if it is only a preseason game.

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