Cowboys: New Vikings Stadium Can’t Top AT&T Stadium


Minnesota Vikings are already talking trash about how US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis will top the venue formerly known as Cowboys Stadium – and it’s not even open yet.

The last 20 years has seen more than a dozen new stadiums popping up around the NFL, which includes the semi-new AT&T Stadium in Arlington. But hold onto your hats, because the best stadium in the universe is about to open.

What’s that?

You say that the Dallas Cowboys already hold that distinction?

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As my 18-month old son likes to say, “No, no, no.”

Upon hearing comments from a certain Vikings official, we’re told that Minnesota’s new stadium being built right now will top Jerry World – and I assume all other sports venues in this class throughout the NFL.

I’ve heard of being a homer before, but this is flat ridiculous coming from an executive who only wears a suit.

A guy named Lester Bagley is the executive vice president of public affairs and stadium development for Purple Pride. In wanting to milk the tail end of that long, drawn-out job title, Bagley told Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press that US Bank Stadium, when opened, will surpass the home of the Cowboys:

"This is the most incredible stadium in the world, until the Vikings stadium. It’s a great stadium, but ours will top it."

Ah, AT&T Stadium is a great stadium, but the new one in the Twin Cities will simply be what, the greatest?

I guess so.

Keep a note of that just in case the question comes up at a tailgating affair at the second best stadium in the universe in north Texas.

Is this guy serious?

Apparently so, because he wasn’t quite finished:

"I think it’s going to be more intimate and louder (than AT&T Stadium), with the 40-percent hard roof in our new stadium and the 60-percent, the clear transparent fabric, polymer fabric.The engineers tell us it’s more acoustically reflective than the Metrodome (the Vikings’ stadium from 1982-2013), so we think it’s going to be louder."

Okay, so it’s going to be louder, a definite plus for the thousands of Cowboys fans that show up for the first game between these two clubs at the new place next year.

In fact, I’m calling it right now: Dallas vs. Minnesota on Week 1 of 2016. We’ll call it the “Greatest Stadium Bowl.”

In all seriousness, I understand excitement for a new facility, and especially one that finally gives your franchise it’s first NFL-caliber home since 2013.

That’s right, during the construction phase of the greatest stadium in the universe, the Vikings have been downgraded to playing home games at TCF Stadium, also in Minneapolis. This is that new stadium opened up in 2009 for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers football program. It seats 52,525 and has no roof, so at least events like the one included in the video above won’t happen anymore.

Can we say the same for US Bank Stadium?

Probably so, but I still don’t get how this new structure surpasses AT&T Stadium.

After all, the Vikings play there, it’s maximum capacity (73,000) still falls short of AT&T’s minimum (85,000) and the video boards are smaller by at least a third. The last place the Cowboys played in that seated about that number of people got blown up – may Texas Stadium rest in peace.

So far, all I’m getting is that it will be the best simply because it’s louder.

How much louder?

Maybe it’s just like what Nigel Tufnel in the ‘mockumentary’ Spinal Tap was saying about audio levels of the group’s recording studio, “ Well, it’s one louder, isn’t it?”

Maybe they can crank Van Halen, Jay Z and Jet songs one louder.

But if this is fans we’re talking about, all I know is this: When Dallas travels there next season, no less than 20,000 members of Cowboys Nation will invade that new, air-conditioned facility – almost certainly to the dismay of Bagley and other members of the Vikings brass.

In this case, the Vikings fan turnout will be around 53,000, which is almost exactly what Minnesota has right now at the college field. That’s not sounding like “one louder.”

In fact, it might end up two or three quieter.

Look, I don’t care about who has the better stadium. Honestly, I think Dallas owner and general manager Jerry Jones went a little over the top with the new building, thus creating an atmosphere built on way too many things non-football related, like restaurants, artwork, advertisements, dancers, Victoria’s Secret and so forth.

But you’re not going to sell me idea that the Vikings, of all teams, are suddenly going to sport a new venue that wipes out AT&T Stadium simply because it will exist.

Will it be the best stadium that Purple Pride has ever played in?

By far.

But the reality is that things are just bigger and better in Texas – that includes football stadiums and, of course, the Cowboys.

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