Cowboys: Christine Michael Brings The Power


The Dallas Cowboys signed Christine Michael to add more power to their running game and give them another threat.

Christine Michael is the powerful running back the Dallas Cowboys need to replace DeMarco Murray‘s bruising running style. I’m not saying he’s going to be the starter over Joseph Randle or Darren McFadden. I’m saying that Michael is a talented and powerful runner. This young man runs with power and will knock you on your butt.

From the games I’ve seen, he’s quick to the hole, has a first-step burst and can make you miss, too. What stands out more than anything is his pass protection. He’ll lower his shoulder to bring the boom, too. That’s a trait the Cowboys like, and need, in their running backs, especially in terms of protecting quarterback Tony Romo.

Michael has a lot of potential as a runner, but lacked the opportunities playing behind Marshawn Lynch, an All Pro running back.  When given the opportunity, Michael flashed his talent with a 5.1 avg on 45 carries for 175 yards in 2014. He averaged 4.9 yards a carry in two seasons with the Seattle Seahawks.

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Joining the Cowboys allows Michael to showcase his talents with the best offensive line in the NFL. He’ll join a stable of runners using the running back by committee approach. Honestly, I know the Cowboys brought Michael in to be that bruising runner who can wear down opposing defenses in the fourth quarter.

Wearing down defenses throughout games is what helped the Cowboys go 12-4 last season. Wins over the almighty Seahawks and the Cowboys’ own NFC East divisional rivals can be attributed to the bruising running style of Murray.

Say whatever you want about Murray, but you can’t question his desire to fight for extra yards and destroy would be tacklers. Murray was the reason defenses stacked the box and allowed Dez Bryant to beat man coverage so often.

When a team can wear down an opponent with its powerful running game, you increase your chances of winning, period. It rests the defense, too. The Cowboys know this and it’s their bread and butter to reach Super Bowl 50.

That’s another reason the Cowboys brought  in Michael. They can see defenses stacking the box whenever he gets into the game. Remember he had a 5.1 avg last season, regardless if the sample size is small. The man produces when he runs the rock.

The same can be said of Randle’s production from last season.

As much as the Cowboys like Randle’s ability to tote the rock, and be the starter, they recognize he’s not a powerful runner. He’s won’t run anyone over to score a touchdown. Michael will do just that. Michael also can be that short yardage back and goal line threat.

Randle, McFadden and Lance Dunbar aren’t power backs. Randle is the speedy, shifty runner, McFadden is a big back that can run and cut with the best of them(when healthy), and Dunbar is a third down specialist who is lethal in open space.

Here are two more reasons why the Cowboys brought in Michael: McFadden is injury prone and the Cowboys can’t risk him to injury with Dunbar as the primary backup. Plus, Michael has potential to be a starter. It has a lot to do with competition as much as necessity.

Before anyone thinks I’ve lost my mind, I’m not saying Michael is the next Emmitt Smith, Tony Dorsett or Adrian Peterson. Far from it, but I’m alluding to his powerful running and promising potential that will benefit the Boys.

Let’s not forget, Michael was a top running back in the 2013 draft.

The Cowboys’ have their version of “Earth, Wind, and Fire.”

Now they have “Thunder.”

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