Cowboys: Eagles Fans Taking Week 2 Hard


The Dallas Cowboys may have lost quarterback Tony Romo for as many as eight weeks due to a broken collar bone, But Philadelphia Eagles fans have lost much more.

I generally don’t get too far into what the fans of other teams in the NFL are up to. Following the sometimes daily drama of the Dallas Cowboys provides more than enough content to keep me quite busy – thank you owner and general manager Jerry Jones for that fact.

However, I’m always up for making an exception when it comes to the fan base of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Right now is one of those times.

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Say all you want about the loss of quarterback Tony Romo during Sunday’s surprisingly dominant victory at Lincoln Financial Field. It’s fair to feel some additional concern about wide receiver Dez Bryant‘s broken foot and subsequent surgery following that Week 1 come-from-behind win against the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium.

In times of trouble or depression, some comic relief is often better than any psychologist or pill you might get from a psychiatrist.

If your a true-blue supporter of America’s Team, take a step back and examine what exactly is going on in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ in the aftermath of one of the most pathetic performances I have ever seen from any professional football team – or high school team, for that matter.

By now you know that ex-Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray had far more in the way of lost yardage against Dallas than he did plus-yards. By the time Murray finally broke into the plus column while scoring a completely meaningless touchdown late in the 4th quarter, the Eagles fan base was busy posting a cascade of online content simply to vent their disgust in what head coach Chip Kelly has brought to that town in 2015.

My favorite, at least so far, is this guy right here.

The only real question I have is how he can be so honest about having left ‘The Linc’ with so many negative feelings in the past, yet this was the first time he was ever embarrassed?

Is he aware of the fact that he’s publicly admitting the fact that he’s an Eagles fan to begin with?

Sure doesn’t seem like it.

This is the same fan base that Sports Illustrated named the most hated fan base in the NFL back in July.

It’s true that SI’s opinion might not make it so, but I pay more attention to the reasons this mega-sports publication developed this theory than the mere fact they did.

Yes, Eagles fans did, in fact, boo Santa Claus way back in 1969 – because they were winning too many games to remain in the draft sweepstakes for then-USC Trojans superstar O.J. Simpson. To make matters worse, they left North Texas State University (now UNT) defensive end Mean Joe Greene on the board for the Pittsburgh Steelers to snatch up.

A team that wears green should have picked up on this, right?

Well, booing Santa Claus takes a lot of you, I guess.

Don’t Eagles fans know that Santa knows who’s been naughty and nice?

Then there was the issue of ‘Bounty Bowl I’ back in 1989, when a vastly superior Eagles team had to be be inspired by then-blow-hard head coach Buddy Ryan to take cheap shots at Cowboys players, including kicker Luis Zendejas – on Thanksgiving Day, no less.

Later that year, ‘Bounty Bowl II’ commenced at dilapidated Veterans Stadium and culminated with the mass throwing of snowballs and things like batteries at Cowboys players, coaches, referees and even television announcers.

These were Eagles wins against a team in complete rebuild mode.

Think about that.

A decade later it was thousands of Eagles fans that booed Cowboys Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin following his last play in the NFL – as he was carried off the field on a stretcher. Personally, I knew right then and there that this team would never win a Super Bowl after that, regardless of whether or not they got there again.

See, it doesn’t matter if the Eagles sign convicted animal-abusing quarterback Michael Vick or high-maintenance wide-receiver Terrell Owens – or Murray, for that matter.

Irrelevant is a new head coach like Ryan, who’s 1985 Chicago Bears defense was supposed to carry over to Philly, which it did for the most part. Ryan just couldn’t spell offense, however, and that’s a problem in the pros.

Same goes for former Oregon University head coach Kelly, who’s supposed to be some kind of offensive mastermind that the NFL hasn’t seen the likes of since Bill Walsh of the San Francisco 49ers.

The jury is still out on that one.

Frankly, I think Kelly got to the NFL and realized that it was nothing at all like the college game he was so successful at while coaching against some of the weakest defenses in the country in the Pac 12. It wouldn’t shock me at all if he ends up the head coach at some high profile college program as early as next season – University of Texas possibly?

I could go on and on about this topic, including additional events like Ryan’s running the score up on Landry’s Cowboys of 1987, but why bother?

Unlike Eagles fans, Cowboys fans seem to understand that petty vengeance and jealousy aren’t a necessary part of football, at least not at the level that the Philly faithful display pretty much every year.

I guess this is easier when you have five Super Bowl wins to your credit, as opposed to just a couple of appearances over almost a quarter-century that both resulted in losses.

But given the sum of this sect’s behavior over almost a half century, I really don’t understand exactly what Eagles fans expect.

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