Dallas Cowboys: Hard Decisions Loom

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Oct 4, 2015; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints outside linebacker Hau

Brandon Was Okay, But It’s Not Enough 

Look, Brandon Weeden played better against New Orleans. His last drive was well done and got the Cowboys a chance to win in overtime. The problem is that Weeden was only hot for that small window. The overthrown passes, the inability to move the chains, and poor pocket presence makes it really hard for Dallas to compete for long stretches of the game. Sure, the defense had issues again in the second half, but for the second straight game so did Weeden and the offense. Had he connected on a few of the passes that he sailed high on, this game might have been way different. He has lost ten games in a row now and while he drove Dallas downfield near the end, it might be time for Matt Cassel. who can’t be worse and has a better record than Weeden.

One of the things that SportDFW editor Reid Hanson has pointed out several times is that Weeden seemingly struggles with throwing to the left. As more and more teams are figuring this out and pushing more people into the box, the coaching staff has to understand that unless something changes there is a shelf life to Weeden playing quarterback for the Cowboys. Maybe, this is what Jerry Jones was referring to when he said he was limited.

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