Dallas Cowboys: Week 6 – Five Things

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Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys now have time to retool, rethink and retool as we take a look at the ‘Five Things’ they must work on during the bye week.

The Dallas Cowboys wrapped up bye-week practices Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and much of it was spent with backup quarterback Matt Cassel working on timing with the wide receivers. One of the things about switching quarterbacks is that every quarterback delivers a different ball when thrown. Where it comes off of the hand, the angle the arm is at, and the speed at which they normally throw is different with every quarterback. Working only a few weeks with the wide receivers will be challenging, but we will all see how it plays out next week.

It’s also going to be critical that younger and newer receivers like Brice Butler and Devin Street get additional reps, regardless of who the quarterback is. Frankly, undrafted rookie Lucky Whitehead could be thrown into that same group. If Cassel, a new passer wearing the blue star on his helmet, is going to improve an anemic Cowboys passing attack, there needs to be additional weapons in the right places aside from just tight end Jason Witten and No.3 receiver Cole Beasley.

The entire offense is a part of this quarterback change, which also includes a new cadence from Cassel.

In the last six weeks, the Cowboys have added two running backs that came from the Seattle Seahawks in Christine Micheal, via trade, and just acquired Rod Smith, a big power back who played college football at Ohio State last year.

Yes, lots of moving parts and quite possibly a very different looking offense the next time we see the Cowboys line up in East Rutherford, New Jersey to face the New York Giants.

There are some things that the Cowboys need to work on before the next game and that brings us to the Five Things for the bye week. Most of this will things that the coaches need to help adjust within the team and in scheme. so without further delay, here are the five things the Cowboys must do during the bye week.

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