Cowboys and Star Wars: A Look Back In Time

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Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys and Star Wars franchises each have an incredible history, and here’s a look back at where the team was with each movie release.

With the seventh installment of the Star Wars franchise rapidly approaching, even the sports world is getting on board with promotional activities never before seen for a movie. Fans from across the nation in all sports are anticipating a rebirth of perhaps the greatest movie franchise ever.

Given that the Dallas Cowboys are coming out of the bye-week in preparation for the New York Giants, I thought it would be interesting to see exactly where the sports franchise was at the time of all previous movie releases over the last 38 years.

Personally, I was a Star Wars fan before I cared anything about the Cowboys. To me, Luke Skywalker was far more interesting than anything Roger Staubach was doing on the field. For a five-year old boy, what’s cooler, a light saber or a football?

We’re going to travel back in time to each Star Wars release and also detail where exactly America’s Team was during the journey. It might blow your mind to visualize exactly where you were at these points in time, even if some of these movies and football seasons predate your birth. Either way, there should be a fun perspective for all to see and take in.

We’ll start from the beginning – or the middle, according to Star Wars creator George Lucas – and the release of the first film and travel decade-by-decade to the present hysteria surrounding Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens coming on December 18, 2015.

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