Cowboys and Star Wars: A Look Back In Time

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Dallas Cowboys: 2-3 with 11 games remaining
Star Wars – The Force Awakens: release date December 18

As far as Star Wars is concerned, I have never seen anticipation so high for any movie ever. There’s no Marvel Comics film, Disney cartoon or J.R.R. Tolkien movie that’s ever reached the kind of fever-pitch that The Force Awakens has, and that’s saying a lot – you here that Trekkies?

In sporting events and comic trade shows all over the country and the world, thousands have appeared in Star Wars costumes as though it’s been Halloween for the entire year of 2015. There’s even a commercial jetliner that’s been decked out in a Star Wars theme.

Apparently this is the very beginning of a franchise that was believed, until just a few years ago, to have seen it’s best days. There’s really no telling how far this goes or for how many years into the future.

We can certainly say that there’s no telling at all where the Cowboys go this season. ‘The Force’ certainly hasn’t been with them where injuries are concerned during the first half of the season, but things are slowly but surely beginning to change. Long forgotten was a preseason of extremely high enthusiasm that seemed to match the anticipation for a Star Wars re-birth.

But if you’re keeping score here, the more Star Wars movies are released, the further the Cowboys seem to get from the Super Bowl. There’s been a gradual decline beginning with that ’77 Super Bowl win and continuing with NFC Championship losses all the way to no playoffs at all.

For the sake of Cowboys Nation, perhaps there’s a new ‘new hope’ for the Cowboys coming with the return of players like Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant sooner than later.

Just one day after The Force Awakens hits theaters around the world, the Cowboys play host to the New York Jets at AT&T Stadium, a rare Saturday affair that already looks like a huge weekend for fans of the Cowboys and Star Wars.

Fast facts:

Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens is the first Star Wars movie not to be released in the month of May and during a Cowboys season.

Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens is the first film in the franchise to be released during the Tony Romo era.

Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens is the first film in the franchise to be released after historic Texas Stadium was demolished in 2010.

Head coaches not employed during the year of a Star Wars release: Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, Wade Phillips.

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