Cowboys: Stephen A. Smith Calls America ‘Idiots’


The Dallas Cowboys have always had their detractors, but television personality Stephen A. Smith of ESPN is the biggest, and most anonymous, of all.

Perhaps it was the seven appearances by the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl during the 1970s.

Or, maybe it was the stunning resurgence of America’s Team during the 1990s that simply put him over the edge.

It just might be the fact that he had to wear a Cowboys jersey on national television last year after losing a bet that he really shouldn’t have made – I could have helped with this had a certain somebody bothered to ask.

On thing is clear, however: ESPN talker Stephen A. Smith simply can’t stand the Cowboys – or America it seems.

Leading up to this week’s battle between the Cowboys and New York Giants, Smith went on one of his rants about the Cowboys – but this time he attacked Cowboys fans, in particular.

Enjoy these thoughts from one of the more anonymous sports personalities in the United States courtesy of Dallas Morning News via ESPN:

"I blame Dallas Cowboys fans the world over and all of these idiots, the worst fan base in American history."

Well, thank you Mr. Smith for your thoughts on that. Will there be anything else?

"I’m not joking. I like Jerry Jones. I’ve grown to like Tony Romo. I love me some Dez Bryant. Stephen Jones nothing but respect for. Rich Dalrymple: This man is an institution in media communications. The billion dollar playpen, it’s phenomenal. We’re going to talk about it like the Coliseum once we’re dead and gone. My issue is the Dallas Cowboys fan base and it’s people like Skip Bayless. When it comes to the Cowboys, I can’t deny it, you make me sick."

So, Smith is okay with America’s Team, just not their fans?


Bayless was a longtime sportswriter for the Dallas Times Herald, a DMN rival up until it went belly up in 1991. Bayless was never one to shy away from controversy, but in this partnership with Smith at ESPN, he actually comes across as more of a Boy Scout, at least in terms of character and sharpness.

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There are those that will go to just about any length to create a name for themselves. More often than not, these ideas don’t end up nearly as good as they seemed going in.

But it’s rare that you see somebody just come right out and bash the United States as a means of getting their name out there a bit more – yes, Smith has bashed the USA here.

It’s just a fact that the Cowboys are America’s Team, a title given to the franchise decades ago for reasons pertaining mainly to the teams dominant exposure throughout the country while also being highly successful. The team whore white jerseys most of the time, had a head coach (Tom Landry) that you’d trust your own children with and they were always winning.

The Giants fan base can still be confused with those of a baseball team that left the Big Apple all the way back in 1957.

The Cowboys fan base is the largest in the country, and possibly the most devout in the world.

For example, I live in Madrid, Spain and it’s quite clear that Real Madrid is the dominant sports team in this country. Yet, if I leave Spain for the UK, Germany, France or Italy, I’ll be hard pressed to find an abundance of Real fans throughout these countries, which to a US citizen seem more like states.

I’ve attended two Cowboys road games in my life, the 2002 visit to Phoenix to see the Cowboys play the Cardinals and also the 2005 season-opener against the Chargers in San Diego.

The one thing that sticks out in my memory bank was the astonishing number of Cowboys fans that showed up at both games. At the Cardinals game, I’ll bet the closest Arizona fan to me was seated no less than 30 yards away in any direction. Clusters of Cowboys fans were packed within sections where red was difficult to spot.

Hence, Smith’s hatred of the fan base of the greatest sports franchise in the USA.

This fact will be displayed once again on Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium, an unmatched phenomena in US sports – yes, Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers fans travel rather well, but Cowboys Nation doesn’t have to travel to road games. Cowboys fans live in every football market in the country by the tens-of-thousands.

Cowboys Nation refers to its team as America’s Team – still – not because they’re delusional or less intelligent than Jacksonville Jaguars fans, for example. They do so because when these two teams play in Florida, more Cowboys fans will show up at EverBank Field than the locals who really couldn’t care less.

The biggest might not be the best in all areas, but it’s idiotic for Smith to make the assertion that the Dallas fan base is just one big idiot, right? Smith should, instead, be thankful for the fact that the Cowboys have the gigantic fan base that they do.

If this wasn’t the case, Smith wouldn’t have anything to hate on each week, and I seriously doubt that anybody would know who he is in that case.

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