Dallas Cowboys: 10 Unanswered Questions


The Dallas Cowboys are entering week seven of the 2015 NFL season and they still have too many unanswered questions.

By week seven, most NFL teams have a pretty good pulse on their squads. They know their talent level. They know their ability to win. They know their strengths. And they know their weakness. Yet, the Dallas Cowboys remain a mystery in almost every way.

Here are ten still unanswered questions facing the Dallas Cowboys:

Can the Cowboys win without

The Dallas Cowboys lost their starting QB, Tony Romo, in week two and have been an absolute mess ever since. Behind their back-up QB,

Brandon Weeden

, the offense dropped from one of the top-rated units in the league, to one of the very worst.  The Cowboys are hoping new QB

Matt Cassel

can change things and secure a win for the Cowboys, sans Romo.

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  • Do the Cowboys have a rushing attack? The Dallas Cowboys allowed last season’s rushing leader, DeMarco Murray, to leave in free agency. The Cowboys were banking on RB Joseph Randle and their dominant offensive line to pick up the load (and the yards). Without a passing attack to keep the balance, the rushing attack has been non-existent. Can the Cowboys find it or is it simply not there this season?
  • Will Greg Hardy and Randy Gregory transform the pass-rush? Many think so, yours truly included, but with only a combined 63 snaps between them, the sample is small. Can both players dominate in the way they’ve shown or was that just fool’s gold?
  • Can the Dallas Cowboys defense carry the team? We’ve seen dominant performances from the defense but we’ve also seen second half let-downs as the snaps increase. There’s no question the incompetent offense is to blame but if the offense can produce a few more points, and a few less 3 and outs, can the defense lead the team?
  • Is the receiving corps the problem or is the QB? Brandon Weeden is out and Matt Cassel is in. Will that be enough to give the Cowboys an outside (and downfield) passing game or is the issue primarily on the receivers?
  • Can the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff make adjustments to the play calling and get their receivers open or are they unable to make any adjustments to better suit the strengths and weakness of those playing?
  • Can any of the RBs pick up

    Change-of-pace RB, Lance Dunbar led the team in recpetions before he was lost for the season two games back. Since then, the Cowboys have been unable to replicate his performance with their RBs.

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  • Can the Dallas Cowboys defense get turnovers? The Cowboys defense is currently in 31st place in the league in turnovers per game. They are averaging 0.6 per game – a far cry from the 1.9 they averaged last season. Maybe the better question is, can the pass-rush jump-start the turnovers?
  • Can Sean Lee and Rolando McClain be dominant together? It seems these two stars take turns playing each week. What will it look like if they are both 100% and playing together? The Cowboys may have the best LB corps in the NFL if both players can just stay on the field.
  • Can the Cowboys convert 3rd downs? Perhaps the biggest issue the Cowboys had to overcome without Romo, was converting 3rd downs. Without Romo, the Cowboys were pacing to be the worst in the league in 3rd down conversions. Weeden completed passes – they were just rarely past the sticks.
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    It’s doubtful that all of these questions will be answered but the Dallas Cowboys need some because unanswered questions at this point in a season, are almost always bad news.