Cowboys: Behind The Eight Ball


The Dallas Cowboys have lost six in a row but there might be hope.

Hope is about all the Dallas Cowboys have at this point. After another painful loss and what seems to be a death knell for their season, the Cowboys are nearly out of playoff contention.  This could make the return of starting quarterback, Tony Romo, a moot point.

The injury bug has hit the Cowboys hard this season. Yes, the backup quarterback situation has been a mess. Most certainly the defense has crumbled as games have gone on. But there is still one glimmer of hope and that glimmer is called the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As the Cowboys sit in last place in the NFC East and prepare for their last game without Tony Romo, things seem gloomy for the Cowboys. But the Bucs are not a very good team team. This is a game the Cowboys can win, and must win if they want to make a charge for the NFC East.

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The Giants look to be the team to beat right now, but they are by no means consistent…then again, no one in the NFC East is right now. The Eagles barely beat a Cowboys team that has the worst 4th quarter defense in the NFL, playing their third quarterback, and rank last in takeaways. The Redskins are just plain bad all the way around. This is all in favor of the Cowboys.

No, the schedule doesn’t favor them, but the return of Tony Romo can help both sides of the ball. Certainly, the offense will improve, but keeping the ball moving and keeping the defense fresh longer in the game will help the defense in the 4th quarter. They just need to figure out how to get more turnovers, and they need to hope the NFC East stays inconsistent.

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However, if the Cowboys lose their next two games,  it might be time to shut Romo down and let someone like 4th string quarterback Kellen Moore or practice squad quarterback Jameill Showers, see what they can do. I’m not advocating tanking, but I am advocating seeing what the Cowboys have on the roster so the draft becomes clearer than it is right now. Maybe, one of the quarterbacks can prove to be capable of becoming a viable backup.

Shutting down some of the other players who have had injuries might help see other positions as well, and go all in next season with everyone healthy.

The decision to which way the Cowboys should go is looming over the next few weeks. However, it is one that they must consider. While it is still possible for the Cowboys to make a miraculous comeback and get into the playoffs, history is not on their side, as no team has gone 2-6 and made the playoffs. Oddly, if anyone would do it, it would be the much maligned Tony Romo. What a chapter to a strange and wonderful career if he were to do such a thing.

Heading into this week’s game, expect the Cowboys to throw everything they have at the Buccs. The defense will look to atone for their late blunders. The offense will try to grind yards up with new wrinkles. And the special teams may take a few more chances returning the ball on kickoffs. This is the one game the Cowboys must win.

There are some glimmers of hope, but the Cowboys are behind the eight ball. Maybe, just maybe, that eight ball turns into a nine ball (yes a small Tony Romo uniform number pun), and this will all be a bad dream come week 16. For now, the Cowboys must focus on the Bucs and winning the game.

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It’s frankly all they have left. A glimmer, a twinkle, a small spec of hope, but there is still hope. Albeit, not that much.