Cowboys: An Epic Tale?


This week for the Cowboys could be the start to an epic tale, one of intrigue, excitement, and a happy ending.

Maybe, just maybe, this week could be the start to an epic tale. A hero returns to vanquish the foes that keep the masses down. With all of the issues the Dallas Cowboys have had over the last seven weeks, starting quarterback Tony Romo is set to return this upcoming Sunday.

If he can lead the Cowboys to seven straight wins, heck even six wins, with a little help and luck and win the division, he will do something no one has ever done before. He will have taken a 2-7 team to the playoffs.

Sure, it is a longshot at this point. There are many who think the Cowboys should shut it down for the season and go for the highest draft pick possible. While this is certainly something that should be considered, the NFC East is still open for the taking. Both the Eagles and Giants lost this past weekend, keeping the NFC East title within reach.

All it will take is Romo to come in, win games, and cover up many of the problems the Cowboys seemingly have. Can he do it all?

No, but he can cover a lot of it.

The defense is allowing late drives to lose games. This is fact. However, the offense isn’t scoring points, which means a late drive is crucial to how the game will end. Tony Romo can put up points. It is something he has proven over and over no matter what the offense looks like. I mean the guy once threw up major points with a broken Miles Austin, Sam Hurd, an ineffective Felix Jones, Marion Barber, and Kevin Ogletree.

Not exactly a murderers row of talent in 2009…

If he can put up 30 points a game upon his return, the defense will look a lot better. Now if the defense could just get more turnovers this team could be dangerous on both sides of the ball. How in the world is safety Jeff Heath the top Cowboy for interceptions?

If Romo can do all of this, I think the narrative on him will change. There have been a lot of people; fans, experts, and media personalities, that will have to admit, Tony Romo is one of the elite quarterbacks in the league, and possibly a future Hall of Famer, regardless of rings. It’s already apparent just how much Romo is able to carry the Cowboys, if the last seven weeks hasn’t shown people, nothing will.

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All of this isn’t to say that there doesn’t need to be serious changes in the Cowboys. Jason Garrett has proven to be at best a mediocre coach. Jerry Jones has shown to be a marginal GM. And Rod Marinelli has shown that it might be time for him to move on to retirement. It has all been Tony Romo who has made each and every one of them look smart and adept. Again, if these last seven weeks hasn’t shown that, nothing will.

So as the hero returns to save everyone, it is time for the Cowboys to win a game. One at a time, one game, one play, one throw at a time. If the Cowboys are going to make a historic march toward the playoffs, it has to be this way.

While they have two games in five days, they have to focus on the Dolphins first. Sure, the undefeated Panthers lurk right around the corner, but if they don’t win against the Dolphins, the Panthers game won’t matter.

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Get ready for an epic tale, a fairy tale if it were, it should be exciting.