Cowboys: One Thing Left To Do


With one win down on the march toward the postseason and the return of their starting quarterback there is only one thing left to do.

Starting quarterback Tony Romo this week said it on Twitter, well more like quoted it and posted it:

With all due respect to one of the greatest sports movies ever, this season is about the Cowboys, not the Cleveland Indians. The Cowboys have one win down and with a game against the undefeated Carolina Panthers coming up it is time for the Cowboys to step up their game to a whole new level. Any way you look at it, the Cowboys have to win, and they have to take each game one by one.

Dez Bryant must become Willie Mays Hays. Greg Hardy has to become Cerrano. Darren McFadden gets to be Ricky Vaughn (why not?). And while I am not sure who gets to be Dorn (maybe Brandon Carr), Tony Romo is Jake Taylor.

It is this rag tag team of misfits, cast-offs, has-beens, and undrafteds that could actually win the NFC East after losing seven games in a row. It may not matter that they are owned by Jerry Jones. The coaches are just as much a mishmash of talent as the team is.

It helps that the NFC East is bad, and I don’t mean just bad, it is terrible. In one week the Cowboys went from looking like the worst team in the East to looking like the best team in the East. That shows not only how important a leader like Tony Romo is, but just how disjointed and broken the East really is.

The Eagles can’t play a good game but every few weeks. The Redskins look like they may win a game, and then they just quit. The Giants? Well, they are okay at times, but it is a broken and inconsistent team. That leaves a Dallas Cowboys team, currently sitting in the cellar, to make a run at the NFC East title. Sure, they have to win a ton of games and get a little help but after watching them against the Dolphins, there is more hope than there’s been in weeks.

The defense came out and played a good game. The sacks started coming together in key times. There were turnovers, tackles for a loss, and there may have even been a batted ball. The offense looked out of rhythm at times, but was more efficient than it has been in weeks. Another week of Romo getting his rhythm back and this team really could make some noise.

It wasn’t perfect, but the Cowboys look like a much better and improving team. Even the run game with Darren McFadden and Robert Turbin looked like it could be a force to be reckoned with (thank you to whoever snatched Turbin up).

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There is a saying in football, if you can get hot at the right time, you can make some noise in the postseason. The football world saw that when the New York Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. It happens all the time, almost every year. One team will all of a sudden get hot toward the end of the year, and it is a team no one wants to play. This Cowboys squad could very well be that team.

They are getting healthy, slowly getting in sync, and now have their leader out there throwing the ball around. Why not the Cowboys? It is certainly possible.

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For now, the Cowboys must focus on the Panthers on Thanksgiving. Every game must be treated as if it is a must win from here on out. Slowing down Cam Newton is easier said than done, but we have come to see some crazy things from the Cowboys over the last few years. Either way, there is only one thing left to do, win the whole F’n thing