Cowboys: Robert Turbin’s Important Role


The Cowboys newly signed running back, Robert Turbin, looks to play a very important role in this Thursday’s game.

Signed on Wednesday of last week, RB Robert Turbin didn’t take long to make an impression on the Cowboys. The man who has yet to practice an entire week is already a critical component of the Cowboys’ offense.

Robert Turbin served as the Cowboys #2 RB on Sunday. In his first action as a Dallas Cowboy, Turbin rushed for 35 yards on seven carries earning a five yards per carry average. He provided relief to an overworked Darren McFadden and proved on Sunday that tenure doesn’t matter when you know what you’re doing.

Turbin didn’t hesitate to hit the books when he signed with the Cowboys last Wednesday. His role was undefined, but the expectations were clear – be ready to play.

"“The fact that Turbin knew the plays is pretty impressive,” said Tony Romo. “On top of it, I reiterated on almost every single play but he already had it. He didn’t need it. It’s pretty special when a guy can come in a do that. He’s getting himself some playing time just because his knowledge of the game, his ability to focus and make it important.”"

Head coach Jason Garrett seems to concur:

"“He’s been impressive,” said Garrett about Robert Turbin. “He’s been impressive right from the start. You know, he hit the ground running on Wednesday an you can tell he’s a pro. He’s a physical football player. We saw that on tape and I think we saw that today. It’s good to be able to put him in there, some veteran presence, I thought he did a good job of running the ball downhill, was pretty good in protection as well, when we put him in there in some passing situations.”"

The 25 year old former 4th round pick brings power and savvy to a dangerously thin position on the Cowboys. At 5’10” 222lbs, Turbin is built like a truck and has a knack for lowering his head and breaking tackles anywhere on the field.

While Darren McFadden prefers to bounce runs outside, Turbin is more suited to go between the tackles. The addition of Turbin not only provides relief to an injury prone McFadden, but he has his unique set of skill that complement the starting RB.

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Turbin is the type of complete player the Cowboys covet in their running backs. His pass-protection, while untested, is trusted enough to be put in critical situations protecting the franchise QB. His receiving ability is perhaps the most underrated portion of his game, with Turbin averaging 9.5 yards per reception.

Turbin also has a strong track record in short yardage situations. On 3rd down and short (1-2 yards), Turbin averages 4.3 yards per carry making him an immediate fit in the Cowboys short yardage man blocking scheme.

Robert Turbin will likely see an increased role on Sunday. With McFadden feeling the pain of a heavy workload in Miami, McFadden will be tasked with carrying a bigger portion of the load on Thanksgiving against the Panthers.

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The Cowboys game plan for Thursday is simple: Run a balanced attack that relies on the running game to set up the downfield passing game. Robert Turbin will play a big role in the bruising attack the Cowboys hope to bring.