Texas: Charlie Strong Situation Could Become A Major Distraction


The Texas Longhorns’ coaching situation is becoming more and more distracting by the day.

Charlie Strong was hired to be the new head coach of the Texas Longhorns roughly two years ago. He was set to replace the legendary Mack Brown who coached the Longhorns to so much success, including a win in the 2005 National Championship game.

After going 6-7 in his first season with the team, critics started to wonder if he was the right coach for the job. The team’s start to the 2015 season just furthered those comments as the team opened up 1-4 before beating Oklahoma.

A few weeks after that, things started to get interesting. Apparently, the University of Miami and Charlie Strong had some mutual interest brewing. Miami was desperate to return back to their old winning ways and thought that Charlie Strong would be a perfect candidate for their coaching position since he used to recruit in Florida and his position was not safe at Texas.

Throughout the past few weeks Strong has continued to deny the fact that he is destined for Miami. The following quotes were taken from cbssports.com and they revealed his thoughts on the situation at hand:

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"“I don’t run from anything,” Strong said. “When you work so hard to put yourself in this position nothing’s ever too tough … A lot of the times when you’re in the position you’re in it’s what you did to yourself. We didn’t do a good job of coaching. We’ve got to do a better job.”"

Strong was simply replying to questions that were asked but occasionally later, he would bring the situation up out of nowhere, almost in an attempt to protect himself.

The most important issue with this set of events is that all of the media and the discussions will not have as much of an impact on Strong himself as it will the team. In their last game, the Longhorns lost to a very pedestrian West Virginia team.

With Texas Tech and Baylor on the horizon, Texas needs the least amount of distractions in their locker room as possible. They need to win both of these games to get a shot at a bowl game and doing that will be hard enough, even without a shaky coaching situation.

Those games will be very emotional since they are both Texas rivals and teams that have had lots of history together. If the players are constantly hearing about the coach that they trust, possibly ditching them for another school, it could be a little disheartening, even if nothing is imminent.

The Longhorns have one last chance to avoid utter disaster and it will come down to these last few games. There are a few Seniors on the team like Daje Johnson, Nick Rose and Jonathan Gray that would love to end their college careers on a high note.

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Enjoy your Thanksgiving by watching some Texas Longhorns football but keep an eye on how the team responds after a few very controversial two weeks off. The playing and coaching results could be an indicator of changes to come.