Cowboys vs Panthers: Game Info, Streaming, Prediction, and More


The Dallas Cowboys host their annual Thanksgiving Day game this afternoon when they face the Carolina Panthers. Here are game predictions, radio information, video steaming information, and more…

Dallas Cowboys football is a Thanksgiving Day tradition and never in recent memory has a game meant more than today’s match-up against the undefeated Carolina Panthers. The three-win Cowboys are in full desperation mode and likely need to run the table if they want to win the division.

The Panthers are perhaps the most underrated 10-0 team in the history of the NFL and after entering the week as the Vegas underdogs, are going to be playing with a chip on their shoulder. This is a match-up between the Desperate and the Disrespected and it promises to be a great game to watch.

(3-7) Dallas Cowboys vs (10-0) Carolina Panthers

Time and Day: Thursday, November 26th 3:30 PM (CST )

Location: AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

TV Channel: CBS

Online Game Video Stream:

Online Game Radio Stream: The Fan

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Cowboys vs Panthers Prediction

Reid Hanson, Sport DFW Editor

This Thanksgiving Day match-up may look like a trap game on paper but I guarantee the Carolina Panthers are not overlooking the Dallas Cowboys’ talent, or the disrespect they’re receiving from being dubbed the underdogs earlier in the week. Carolina will be hungry and focused and if the Cowboys want to beat them, they will have to do so by being the better team.

The Carolina Panthers are extremely stout up the middle and recently they’ve been dominant against the run. Currently ranked #8 in the NFL in rushing yards allowed, the Panthers are only allowing 49.7 yards per game in the last three weeks. 49.7 yards!

Armed with perhaps the best LB corps and arguably even the best CB in the league, the Panthers are dominant at every level. It would be difficult to see the Cowboys get in a shootout against a defense that ranks #4 overall so the onus will fall on the Cowboys’ defense to limit the Panthers’ offense.

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As I detailed in, Three Cowboys Who Must Step Up To Win, keeping Cam Newton caged in the pocket is a key to stopping the Panthers offense. The Cowboys will face steady doses of running from Jonathan Stewart and Cam Newton and regular downfield passes to Greg Olsen. The Cowboys will have to single the outside receivers and put all of their focus on Olsen.

Dez Bryant needs to find a way to do what he’s struggled with all season – beat a top flight CB. The Panthers plan to have Josh Norman follow Dez around all day and hope to neutralize the still-recovering star receiver.  When Dez gets single coverage he has to beat it.

I think Cole Beasley needs to have a big day and force the Panthers to go to a nickel formation. A nickel formation will consequently open things up for the Cowboys running game and add balance to an unbalanced attack. Rushing yards will be tough to come by but the Cowboys must stick with it to keep the Panthers honest.

An interesting thing to note is something my co-editor Christian Blood pointed out on Tuesday :

"“Consider the following opponents beaten so far this season by Carolina: Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6), Houston Texans (5-5), New Orleans Saints (4-6), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-5), Seattle Seahawks (5-5), Philadelphia Eagles (4-6), Indianapolis Colts (5-5), Green Bay Packers (7-3), Tennessee Titans (2-8) and the Washington Redskins (4-6).”"

The only winning team on this list the Panthers beat are the Green Bay Packers and the Packers came within one missed wide-open receiver from winning that game too.

The Panthers are a great team but they are also mortal. The Cowboys have a chance if the offense can control some clock, the defense can limit Newton’s rushes, and Cole Beasley is used early and often.

Cowboys 23 Panthers 27

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Dink Kearney, Sport DFW Staff Writer

The Dallas Cowboys play undefeated Carolina Panthers in a must win game. Playing at home with Tony Romo under center, expect the Cowboys to come out and throw everything at the Panthers with a potent run game and a lot of targets to All Pro Dez Bryant. The Panthers have one of the best defenses in the league but it hasn’t faced an offense like the Cowboys, one that boasts the best offensive line.

Expect the Cowboys defense to contain Cam Newton in the pocket and make Cam beat them with his arm and not his legs. It will be a close battle, but the Cowboys need this victory badly. Romo will lead the Cowboys to another fourth quarter victory.

Cowboys 35 Panthers 31