Dallas Cowboys: How to Save the Season


The Dallas Cowboys may have lost all reasonable hope of a successful postseason but that doesn’t mean the season is lost. Here is how they can save their season.

The Dallas Cowboys have lost their second must-win game in a row, dropping them two games behind the division lead, and vanquishing all reasonable postseason hopes. While they have not been mathematically eliminated from the postseason, the chances have dropped to an extremely unrealistic status.

Instead of arguing about what it would take to win the division, or whether or not Lloyd Christmas had a point when he exclaimed, “So you’re saying there’s a chance!” Let’s pretend we’re all realists and discuss how the Dallas Cowboys can salvage this clustermuck of a season.

The final three games of the 2015 season are far from pointless for this Dallas Cowboys front office. No, it’s not a time to tank games and try to get the highest pick possible. That kind of mindset is hard to bounce back from and will only lead to continued disaster (go ask the 76ers).

Nope, this is a time to gather intelligence. The Dallas Cowboys have an opportunity to test out players, schemes, ideas, and anything else they can think of, under real life regular season action. Practice can only tell you so much. Trial-by-fire remains the single best way to assess in the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys are being handed the perfect opportunity.

It all starts with identifying who is coming back, who is going, and whose future has yet to be determined.

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If the Dallas Cowboys know of a player who they know will not be back next season, then there is no reason he should be playing these last three games. The only exception is if that player is needed to properly asses other players on the roster. For instance, if the Cowboys don’t believe the backup QB Kellen Moore is capable of completing passes to his receivers, then they may opt for Matt Cassel at QB so they can evaluate the WR corps.

Obviously I don’t think that’s the case and have been recently lobbying to see Kellen Moore get the nod at QB this season…

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What exactly do the Cowboys have in Gavin Escobar? Probably not much but I wouldn’t mind seeing more. How about the Cowboys start increasing his snaps, mixing up his role, and forcing some more balls his way? He may surprise us or he may reaffirm what we thing we already know.

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Personally I’d love to see a trips formation with Escobar, Devin Street, and Cole Beasley. I think with the diversity of skill in that bunch the Dallas Cowboys offense could do multiple difficult-to-defend things:

A screen to Bease with the other two blocking? Yes please.

Crossing patterns with natural picks? Yup.

A fade to Escobar, a drag to Beasley, and a flag route for Devin Street? Yes!

This is a time for coaches to try new plays, new schemes, and new players in new roles. Can Brice Butler be part of the future in Dallas? He’s flashed big play potential and has all of the physical skills to be effective in this league. Let’s throw some balls at the young man and see what he can do.

The Cowboys have a couple young projects at LB in Damien Wilson and Mark Nzeocha. Can one of them assume the MIKE role when Rolando McClain leaves next season? Maybe Anthony Hitchens should get another shot as well. David Irving is a promising defensive lineman who oozes untapped potential. I’d like to see him on the field as much as possible.

If these players impress then the Cowboys can scratch the need off the list. If the players stink then at least the Cowboys know and can act accordingly this offseason. Regardless of which it is, it’s one less question mark the Dallas Cowboys take into the offseason – they are either the answer or not.

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Clearly we don’t live in a black and white world and it’s very likely these young players will flash both good and bad things. Such is the nature of intelligence gathering and player evaluation. All knowledge is good knowledge and it’s time the Dallas Cowboys get into the intelligence gathering business.