Cowboys: 10 Worst Decisions By Jerry Jones

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The Dallas Cowboys enjoyed early success during the reign of Jerry Jones as owner, general manager and czar, but like most rulers, there’s been some horrible decisions along the way.

The Dallas Cowboys were purchased by Arkansas oil-man Jerry Jones in February of 1989 under a storm of controversy. Most had never even heard of Jones, or his family, and since few Texans cared or remembered much in the way of Arkansas Razorbacks football back in the 1960s, this was a fly-by-night figure that stormed into the Dallas-Ft.Worth Metroplex out of nowhere.

Yes, the Cowboys were a bad team, worst in the league the season prior, in fact. Nonetheless, Jones rubbed the entire Dallas Cowboys fan base the wrong way upon his arrival. Only Dallas’ rapid ascent to the top of the NFL would make anybody actually forgive – but only for a limited time.

It’s clear that Jones didn’t buy the Cowboys to simply watch from the luxury suites. He bought the time partially for the money but primarily for the perceived self-esteem boost that came along with it. No, the billions of dollars already in his bank account mattered not, proof that money alone makes nobody happy.

Now, Jones has poured his heart and soul into his primary passion, one that he was simply able to buy his way into. As I said before, this was not just for the chance to make another big profit, but rather to gain a new identity that the oil profession didn’t provide. The consequences for Cowboys Nation have been mixed at best.

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Yes, Jones has made a number of good – or even great – decisions that have re-established the Cowboys as the premier football franchise in the NFL. There is no franchise with a larger fan base and no other team has appeared in more Super Bowls.

On the contrary, there have been, at least at this point, many bad decisions, some of which have cost the franchise more football games than anybody could count. Jones has actually cost his team several seasons that could have gone far differently if not for his completely emotional attachment to the business and his maniacal ego that goes along with it.

The following are the 10 worst decisions ever made by Jerry Jones during his 27 seasons of ownership of America’s Team. There’s certainly been other poor decisions made by the sole decision-maker at Valley Ranch, but those that follow have done the greatest damage to a once-proud franchise that’s working on a historic run of complete mediocrity and inconsistency.

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