Cowboys: 10 Worst Decisions By Jerry Jones

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No. 10 – Trading For Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones

Year number two of the Wade Phillips era was much like the 2015 season Cowboys fans are currently suffering through. It was a season followed by an excellent 13-3 campaign in 2007 that led to big expectations for this franchise for the first time since probably 2006, the year after Dallas’ last Super Bowl victory.

Jones made it a priority to get his franchise over the hump and into the Super Bowl that season but failed miserably in doing so. Personnel additions went a long ways towards that end during the final season for historic Texas Stadium in Irving.

Among his poorest decisions was trading for then-Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam Jones.

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This young defensive back was suspended for the entire 2007 season following a violent incident at a Las Vegas strip club that Adam Jones and his entourage attended in February of that year. Before all was said and done, two people were injured after having been shot by a person believed to have been doing what Jones had ordered.

Nonetheless, Jones engineered a trade with the Titans involving a combination of conditional draft picks that brought Pacman to Dallas while not knowing when he’d actually become eligible to play.

Jones had a scuffle with a bodyguard in October of that season, which earned another response – and a two game suspension – from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who had been quite active during the night club fallout.

Jones would return late that season, but then suffered an injury that moved the Cowboys to release the still-young cornerback after just one season. Dallas missed the playoffs following a blowout loss in Week 17 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

In June of 2012, Jones was ordered to pay $11 million to the victims of the Las Vegas shootings.

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