Dallas Cowboys: Top 15 Quarterbacks All-Time

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) - Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) - Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /
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OXNARD, CA – JULY 31: Quarterback Quincy Carter
OXNARD, CA – JULY 31: Quarterback Quincy Carter /

Dallas Cowboys Greatest Quarterbacks: Number Nine – Quincy Carter (2001-03, 31 starts)

When putting together this list, Quincy Carter’s name brings back some good memories as he was the starting quarterback in ’03 when the Cowboys returned to the playoffs, but again, when thinking about the quarterback, it is a bit disappointing because he could have been even more.

In a 2013 article by Jean-Jacques Taylor for ESPN.com, he interviewed Bill Parcells, and the former Cowboys head coach spoke about Carter not handling the pressure of success:

"“There he is, he got his team in the playoffs, he’s the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, he’s playing good, he’s improving, he can get out of trouble, he’s pretty smart, he can make almost every throw — and it’s just, some people just can’t fight the pressure to succeed.”"

In his playoff season and final year with the Cowboys, Carter was 10-6 during the regular season as a starter, where he completed 57.8 percent of his passes, completed 292 passes, tossed 17 touchdowns and had 21 interceptions.

Carter never had a touchdown pass with the Cowboys in the playoffs, because in his one playoff start, he was 21-of-36 for 154 yards and one interception. The Cowboys lost that game to the Carolina Panthers and didn’t get back to the playoffs until the ’06 season. The ’03 appearance by Carter and Co. was the first trip to the playoffs since the ’99 season.

The quarterback’s off-the-field issues hampered his NFL career, as he was gone from the NFL for good following the ’04 season, which he played with the New York Jets. Again, it is a shame how Carter’s tenure ended with the Cowboys, but he is one of a few quarterbacks for the franchise to start a playoff game.

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