FanSided Fandom 250: Your Dallas Cowboys made the list

As one of the most loyal and passionate fan bases, the Dallas Cowboys fans are shoo-ins for the Fansided Fandom 250. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
As one of the most loyal and passionate fan bases, the Dallas Cowboys fans are shoo-ins for the Fansided Fandom 250. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

FanSided is rolling out the FanSided Fandom 250, listing the top 250 fan bases in the world, and our own Dallas Cowboys have made the cut.

Dallas/Fort Worth is one of the world’s biggest sports markets, but it can’t be denied that the Metroplex belongs to the Dallas Cowboys and the FanSided Fandom 250 agrees. From November 1 through December 5, a list of ten fan bases will be revealed each day. On December 6, the final rankings will be published for all to see where the Cowboys land. So, make sure you check it out to see the final rankings!

These fan bases don’t just pertain to the world of sports. Among the FanSided Fandom 250 fan bases, there are fans of political groups, entertainment personalities, pop cultures, television shows, film series, fashion trends and so much more. But as it was confirmed on the very first day, the Cowboys fan base has been nominated.

Iconic players

There’s not a more iconic team in the NFL than the Dallas Cowboys. Poll any football fan alive and they’ll know the names Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Tony Romo and Dak Prescott. That’s why kids all across the country dreamed of becoming quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys when they grew up.

More from Dallas Cowboys

Tony Dorsett remains the only NFL rusher to complete a 99-yard touchdown run. And he did it on Monday Night Football, on a busted play, with just 10 Dallas players on the field. Legendary.

Emmitt Smith is the NFL’s all-time leading rusher. Don’t forget as well that he literally, single-handedly beat the New York Giants in the final week of the 1993 regular season. He was “beast mode” before there ever was a “beast mode.”

Iconic coaches

The late, great Tom Landry was a stoic and heroic benchmark through the 60s and 70s. The five Super Bowl appearances and two wins he coached them to set a standard that would earn the nickname, “America’s Team.” The man and his super macho fedora roamed the Cowboys sidelines for 29 seasons. For crying out loud, he invented the dang 4-3 defense.

Jimmy Johnson took the Cowboys to back-to-back Super Bowl wins as a head coach. (Some even argue that the one two years later belongs to him.) But even if you disagree with that, on of college football’s all-time greats took them to a Super Bowl victory, too.

Iconic nicknames

Though many other fanbases are resentful of that phrase, make sure you always remind them that it was the media that handed out that nickname; not Tex Schram, Landry, Jerry Jones or any other person associated with the Cowboys. It was given, not taken.

But put that one aside and realize that even the Dallas Defense had a nickname on top of that! Often referred to as the “Doomsday Defense” in the 60s and 70s, huge hosses like Lee Roy Jordan, Bob Lilly, Chuck Howley and Mel Renfro ran wild just looking for guys to punish.

Then, you had players with their own nicknames like “The Manster,” Randy White and Ed “Too Tall” Jones. If you’re an offensive player, you really don’t want guys with those kind of nicknames hunting you down.

Iconic looks

Naturally, teams want to look good on the field. That’s why Dallas players topped the list of most popular NFL merchandise sales rankings. That blue (and that different blue worn on the road sometimes) and silver (and slightly different silver, almost more blue that’s worn at home) are sexy.

Then there’s the helmets. Those stars on the helmet are mesmerizing. Let’s face it. The overall look of the Dallas Cowboys is just awesome.

Why not Cowboys fans?

The answer to that question is pretty simple. There is no good reason. You’re destined for greatness when you combine good players with good coaches and good names with good looks. It’s no surprise Cowboys fans have filled Texas Stadium and AT&T Stadium to capacity faithfully since 1990.

Dallas is the Cowboys and the Cowboys are Dallas. (Pay no attention to actual geography.) The D-F-Dub lives and breathes with the success and failure of the Cowboys. That’s why the FanSided Fandom 250 begins and ends with the iconic Dallas Cowboys.

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We want to hear from the fans as well! Why should the Cowboys make it onto this list? Where should they rank? Are Cowboys fans the best in the NFL? Maybe the best in all of sports? Are they the best in all of the above? Chime in on Twitter with #Fandom250 and let us hear from you!